Hey guys, I just picked up a new to me 2015 Honda Civic EX Coupe. I love the car and it’s been amazing to me, however, I’ve noticed this weird like ticking/squeaking noise when at highway speeds of 70+ MPH. It also only seems to do this after it rained, then a day or two later it’s gone until it rains again. It’s making the sound right in my left ear, as it’s coming somewhere near B-Pillar. The noise doesn’t go away if I crack the window very slightly as well. I had put some lubricant on it and that doesn’t seem to fix it, unless I’m using the wrong type. If anyone has any idea how to get this fixed or talk to the dealership about it best let me know. It’s a CPO and has a warranty, so I’m not sure how best to talk to the dealer about fixing it. Any advice is welcome.