The installation of new custom wheels is always exciting! They can instantly change the way your car looks, feels, and behaves on the road. When going for the rims of a larger diameter, you can improve the vehicle’s performance and fit larger calipers for more efficient braking. If you are still in doubt which custom wheel brand to choose, consider getting a set of Fifteen52 wheels. It is one of the most reputable manufacturers in the automotive world, including vehicle customization and racing scene.

It is not a coincidence that such world-renowned names as a Porsche redesign guru Magnus Walker and famous rally car driver Ken Block choose to work with these wheels. They know that a set of Fifteen52 wheels can not only look great but also perform well and withstand everything Ken Block throws at them in his viral Gymkhana clips. Check our video review of some of the most popular Fifteen52 wheel series, Podium and Chicane:

FIFTEEN52® - PODIUM Frosted Graphite

FIFTEEN52® - PODIUM Speed Silver

FIFTEEN52® - CHICANE Asphalt Black

FIFTEEN52® - CHICANE Speed Silver

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