Unbiased E-Tunez tuning review from a NOOB
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Thread: Unbiased E-Tunez tuning review from a NOOB

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    One Bad Mama Jama!!! dfanatic86's Avatar
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    Jan 2017

    Unbiased E-Tunez tuning review from a NOOB

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my 2nd tuning review. As some of you are aware, I'm currently turbocharging the Civic. So I figured I'd do another in depth and detailed tune review on Steve from E-Tunez just in case anyone is wondering what to expect.

    Tune Package Information:

    2012-2015 Civic/2012-2017 ILX K24-Ultimate tune
    This K24 tune includes a complete Wide Open Throttle (WOT) analysis and tune as well as a complete part throttle and knock analysis package. The WOT portion is similar to what is done at a dyno shop except with more revisions while the part throttle tuning is focused on zeroing Short Term Fuel Trims (STFT) which will not only improve WOT transitions but also inturn improve throttle response, performance, low end torque and fuel mileage. A minimum of 7 revisions are included.

    Detailed list of items:

    • Includes Part throttle analysis
    • All Volumetric Efficiency tables analyzed and revised for all degrees and levels of vacuum
    • Short Term Fuel Trims analysis and smoothing
    • Knock table analysis and revision
    • Ignition analysis and revision
    • Lambda Overlay’s and Cam angle High/Low fueling
    • Cam Angles High and Low
    • Ignition Tables for all degrees
    • VE Tables analysis (WOT - MAP/SD) or MAF Cal Analysis (AFM)
    • Throttle Table analysis or revision for larger TB’s
    • VTEC Point is checked and revised based on Flow/Performance
    • VTEC Window + Pressure analysis and revision
    • WOT fueling and knock check.
    • Limiter Tables checked for errors and safety margins
    • Cold Start fueling and IAT graphing checked/revised if necessary.
    • Overview of potential errors or engine codes if present
    • Choice of Race (small margins) or Performance Map (enhanced margins)
    • Includes Re-tuning for 30 days

    Forced induction Tuning Add-On
    For aftermarket add-on turbos and superchargers (non-oem turbos) this is the add-on for you. In addition to the tuning current purchase this add-on option is for forced induction users to includes tuning and analysis of all Forced Induction tables. These are all fields greater then 0 psi and all related tables Boost, Duty cycle, Boost Controller and Wastegate Duty Cycle typically used in Forced Induction applications.

    • Tuning of Positive Pressure VE Tables
    • Boost Controller and Duty Cycle adjustment
    • Revision of knock tables for increased cylinder pressure
    • Tuning of all other related positive pressure tables (Ignition/Cam etc).

    *Not neccessary for OEM Turbo users running a factory turbo.

    Premium Package

    This package is optional during the initial tuning purchase, it includes unlimited revisions for 6 months after the original tune purchase and any extra hours needed for time spent in testing and modification. Add this to your tune to ensure your vehicle stays tuned no matter what modifications you add to the vehicle over the next 180 days. This add-on is normally bought with an Ultimate Tune package but in case your forgot to get it, it can be added to your original tune purchase within 30 days. Adding an intake next month? Exhaust? Cams? No worries here, add this to your tune purchase and you will see your tune progress with your upgrades and modifications. Also if you head to the dyno shop with your tune, and would like to perform the tune yourself, we are here to assist remotely whether via text, phone or via remote desktop if your tuning shop has Wifi if your need a hand. We can supply 2 extra maps for testing on your dyno day ahead of schedule, just let us know.

    • Unlimited re-tuning within 180 days of purchase
    • Remote phone and live computer support (Great for troubleshooting or dyno days!)
    • If needed we can assist you live on your PC to help solve any unforseen issue etc.

    (If your looking to get the car fully DYNO tuned by us at your local shop there is a seperate package for that).

    **All information was pulled directly from E-Tunez website**

    Build Thread:

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    9th Civic

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    One Bad Mama Jama!!! dfanatic86's Avatar
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    Jan 2017
    12/26/2018 5:49pm Tune package ordered
    12/26/2018 6:45pm Sent modification list
    12/27/2018 12:12am Received email from Steve, work has already started! (Wicked FAAAST)
    Last edited by dfanatic86; 12-27-2018 at 06:42 AM. Reason: Updated timeline

    Build Thread:

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    One Bad Mama Jama!!! dfanatic86's Avatar
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    Jan 2017
    This is what you need to fill out: (See next post for an example of a filled out one)

    1) Modification list (including tuning hardware: FlashPro/Ktuner/Cobb etc).

    2) Vehicle year and mileage.

    3) Model type (Sport/Si/Hatch/Sedan etc, as well as if it is Manual, Auto, CVT etc.) *Important for 2016+ models.

    4) Tune Style Desired (Race/Performance). (Also if using Hondata please let us know if you have a CARB or RACE version FlashPro). This is also an opportunity to let us know if you prefer Speed Density vs AFM based tunes, or a JDM vs USDM ROM. Note that some vehicles are restricted to what ROMs they can run, others are not.

    5) Also we will need the approximate location and elevation of your daily driving to reduce the learning time for IAT's, elevation and vacuum table indexing as we will pay particular attention to those affected tables and may adjust vacuum table indexing to better suite your location.

    6) We will also need to know the Fuel Type you are running, the octane rating and ethanol content. Ethanol will affect the target AFR's. For example a minimal content ethanol fuel may perform best at a 0.90-0.92 Lambda (stock O2 reads13.2-13.5 WOT AFR), while a 25% ethanol fuel may perform better at a 0.86-0.88 Lambda (stock O2 reads 12.7-12.9 AFR). A E85 or E100 mixture may be targetted even richer, so knowing the fuel type is important.

    7) If you have a custom map you are currently running please provide datalogs for that map as well as the map itself, as we will use this as a starting point, even if it requires significant revision. However, if you have no base map or datalogs it is not an issue and we will provide you with one to test as a base map and start datalogging at that point.

    Cool Lastly if you provide a custom map, we need to know if your vehicle was dyno-tuned on that map (not just dynoed). The difference is instead of starting from scratch we may use your existing map as a starting point, or we may start from fresh but simply retain Wide Open throttle ignition or similar settings etc and transfer into a better tuned starting point for your modifications if something looks very amiss (part throttle fueling, cam angle indexing etc) in the dyno-tuned map.
    COBB users, please ensure all datalogs are logging at least the following 11 variables:

    1) AFR - Air Fuel Ratio (or A/F Sens 1 Ratio)***
    2) MAP - Mass Air Pressure (or Boost PSI / Man. ABS. Pressure)
    3) MAF - Mass Air Flow (or MAF (g/s) or AFM)
    4) RPM - Revs Per Minute ***
    5) IPW - Injector Pulse Width (or Inj. PW with Lat)
    6) TP - Throttle Position
    7) MPH - Speed (or Vehicle Speed)
    8) STFT - Short Term Fuel Trim (or A/F Correction 1)***
    9) LTFT - Long Term Fuel Trim (or A/F Learning 1)***
    10) IGN - Ignition Timing Advance (or Ignition Timing in Deg)
    11) CA - Cam Angle for the Intake Cam Advance (or AVCS in/out *both)
    12) Knock - Knock sensor feedback (or Fine Knock Learn / or Knock Volume)
    13) Load - Vehicle load as a %. (or Calculated Load) ***
    14) DAM - D.A.M multiplier for Subaru *If applicable / model year dependent.
    *** = Tune Critical, can't tune without. We also need your Cobb AP Serial number, very important as ATR Pro requires this information.
    ALL users, please email the above requested information list to [email protected]. after your order is complete.
    Please remember during all tuning to use the same fuel type and ethanol content as this affects AFR and STFT. Also if using a manual fuel pressure regulator or manual boost controller, please set the levels up ahead of time where possible and keep them the same until tuned. Also due to the returnless fuel system on many newer vehicles please try to keep the fuel level above half a tank during tuning, as some car tends to run sporatic fuel pressures (and air in the lines) when on the last few bars of fuel (this is why some SD/MAP tuned cars could report harder starting when near empty).
    One last tip, be sure to allow the car to warm up fully before making any datalogs for submission, at least 10 minutes.. Typically we request a 30 min driving datalog and 1 to 2 WOT 3rd gear datalogs for each revision. These can be combined into one datalog or separate. For part throttle tuning, as revisions continue we may request to increase the datalog length for near completed tunes. This is due to the law of averages as in order for higher accurracy and averaging then previous revisions we need more information.
    Due to the typial size of log files over 30 minutes (300MB to 700MB+) we recommend using www.7-zip.org to to compress these over 90% rather then online datalog hosting. Although online hosting does work it could take more time to get a revision as only a few revisions can add up to gigabytes of information being downloaded simultaneously with other users, where as small compressed logs download in seconds.
    If you have any questions or concerns or suggestions for improvement please let us know. We are here to support you before, during and most importantly, after your purchase.
    Thank you for your business, we aim for your 100% satisfaction.
    The E-tunez Tuning Team

    Build Thread:

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    9th Civic

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    One Bad Mama Jama!!! dfanatic86's Avatar
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    Jan 2017

    1) Modification list (including tuning hardware):

    Flashpro Race version
    PRL Stage 2 Kit
    DW1200cc injectors
    DW65C pump
    Hondata 4 bar MAP
    NGK 1422 .022
    PTE 46mm Wastegate 12psi spring
    PTE 6266 .82ar
    Clutchmaster FX400
    K24Z7 internally stock—stock intake manifold/TB

    2) Vehicle year and mileage
    2012 89,000 mi.

    3) Model type
    Si Sedan 6 speed manual

    4) Tune Style Desired
    Hondata Flashpro Race version
    Speed Density
    Looking for a great balance of power and reliability. Hoping for the upper 370whp mark.

    5) Approximate location and elevation
    Orlando, Florida 32825 Elevation: approximately 102’ ASL

    6) We will also need to know the Fuel Type you are running, the octane rating and ethanol content.
    93 Octane 10% ethanol

    7) If you have a custom map you are currently running please provide datalogs for that map as well as the map itself, as we will use this as a starting point, even if it requires significant revision.
    Car was tuned by Vit Viper. Calibration file is locked

    Build Thread:

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    Jan 2017
    Can you provide us with a status update on your ECU tuning?

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    Super Mod's Pet 12FG4Rallye's Avatar
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    Dec 2016
    I havent tuned with steve but i can tell you i know hes an honest guy and knows what hes doing. I had sent him a datalog of my dyno tune. First when i sent him the log it was late and i wasnt paying attention i failed to mention what car it was what engine and what mods lol he emailed me back saying that based on the datalog it was a k24 engine with a full exhaust and intake. He was right on the money and then i was expecting the sales pitch but instead said my tune looks really good and whoever did it took their time and knows what theyre doing.
    Follw me on IG: fl_fg4

    205 whp
    174 wtq
    Tuned by John Vega at Phearable

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    Greenhorn SiJake's Avatar
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    Jul 2018
    I too worked with Steve from E-Tune as well on tuning my 2012 Civic Si. It took several data logs and revisions to get it dialed in. There was some audible ping heard which was cleaned up after a couple revisions. All said and done I enjoyed a smoother powerband, vtech could be more felt/heard, increased throttle response and decreased rev-hang. I'd gladly work with Steve again but no longer own a Civic Si.
    Last edited by SiJake; 07-10-2019 at 01:04 PM.
    2016 Hellcat Challenger 8-speed auto
    2019 Tesla model 3 Dual Motor Performance

    2012 Civic Si Sedan (beater) SOLD
    2018 Challenger Scatpack 8 Speed
    2016 Camaro 2SS A8
    2015 MK7 GTI M6 (Beater)
    2014 Mustang GT auto
    2012 Mustang GT M6
    2007 Speed 3

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    Big Timer!!!
    Join Date
    Jan 2018
    Winnipeg MB CAN
    Im currently tuning with dan at e-tunez.
    Customer service is top notch, communication pretty much every day. Car feels better in traffic, idle, highway etc. mpgs are better as well. Pulls and sounds healthy.
    I really cant say one bad thing about the whole experience so far, its been alot of fun!

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