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Thread: Make sure you have your splash guard on

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    Question Authority Roadcourse's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teeps View Post
    Agree, but I have to wonder what is worse:
    a front engine under cover plate that is missing
    a front engine under cover plate that is mangled or detached in the front

    How some here are getting 26 MPG or more in town continues to baffle me.
    My '12 sedan is doing good to get 23. something under these conditions, last tank it got 22.1 MPG.
    In town trips for me rarely are faster than 35 mph, or longer (one way) than 3 miles.
    This won't help your feelings but the very least I get in town is 32mpg and more commonly 34 to 35mpg. in a 2012 stock automatic EX. I do anticipate stop lights and just let it glide to them if they're red. Other than that I drive about 5mpg over the limit and more. I also use mid-grade fuel. Regular gas is not as good as it used to be IMHO. There's a definite difference in the way mine runs on mid-grade and premium. I seldom use premium because I can't tell that it makes a difference in anything over mid-grade. Other than that, I just keep my foot out of it. I get 42-43 on the highway doing 75mph. I do run it up to 6000rpm or above now and then just to keep the crap out of it.

    I also let the car glide when I know a stop is coming. It uses no gas when gliding. A Civic will coast a long way with foot off the gas due to the aerodynamics being so good. Look at it from the side and it's shaped well. Also, the under-plates help reduce turbulence under the car. All of this helps with mileage. I also anticipate hills. When going down hill I may let it build up speed well above the speed limit so it will glide most of the way up the next hill thus using the throttle very little going uphill. In heavy traffic, I take it off ECON because that's where I want power when changing lanes or when I need to dodge the stupid drivers. Otherwise, I keep it in ECON mode which does work for me. Hope maybe this gives you some new insight, Teeps. You sure do help a lot of people here and it's appreciated by me at least. ; )
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    Question authority.

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    9th Civic

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    After changing my cvt fluid recently, i noticed that my aluminum under body cover was bent upwards (imagine a transmission tunnel shape). it was also missing one of the screws that hold in place. when i went to dealer to get the screw, they showed me a new underbody pan...and it was flat. guess i ran over something that dented it. glad it was there! also, with it having to be removed to change the oil filter...i imagined that Honda decided this was needed for some reason or another - so, i kind of flattened it out and reattached it - albeit still one screw short. dealer couldn't figure out what screw i needed by the diagrams. he kept bringing me the plastic ones.

    btw, i get about 31 in town, but i anticipate stops and such and drive similarly to R/C above (never thought i would ever make a statement like that!)
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    One Bad Mama Jama!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ampm1678 View Post
    I get around 20-21 MPG in the city as well...its horrible and its also why if Im just going a few blocks over from my building and I can help it to leave the car at home I do so and instead just walk...I try my best to only use my car when I have to go out of the city to visit family or old friends who live outside of the city as well but that's not always possible because it's murder walking home with heavy grocery bags.
    must be a socal thing
    when I drove down to san diego i got like 31mpg in my SI so its definitely possible to get decent mpg. Just in normal day to day driving, traffic down here is just brutal at times which definitely kills your mpg.
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    9th Civic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roadcourse View Post
    This won't help your feelings but the very least I get in town is 32mpg and more commonly 34 to 35mpg.
    Nothing to "feel" about it, it is, what it is.
    The traffic and short one way trips; most of which are from a cold start condition, certainly contribute to my car's lower MPG that your's
    The other socal guys/gals here report similar MPG to what I am seeing, with my '12 EX sedan a/t.
    I've done octane tests over several fill ups and never saw a consistent difference in MPG.
    What does bump the MPG is when the car gets on the freeway. One 50 mile round trip will bump the MPG 3 to 4 MPG, for that tank.

    What is painful, is the paying for the gas.
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