Car feels loose after new tires + alignment
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Thread: Car feels loose after new tires + alignment

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    Car feels loose after new tires + alignment

    So as the subject says, I just had some tires replaced and an alignment done. Replaced BFGoodrich GForce Comp 2 A/S with Michelin Pilot Sport 3+ A/S, stock size of 215/45/17.

    I knew the toe-in on my front right wheel was off before I took it in, and it was fixed. The results are below.
    Car feels loose after new tires + alignment-alignment_results.jpg

    I've put around 70 miles on since, and it feels like the tires on the right side are sliding as if on ice (it's been over 100F the past few days.) It's happening at both low speeds and highway speeds and it's a bit unnerving because I feel like I'm making more corrections than before.

    So far I've checked the tire pressure and the lug nuts and both were fine. Do my alignment results seem okay? I know they're now in spec.

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    This will be a bit of a reach, but are the tires directional? And maybe one side has one or two wrong-way tires?

    I had accidently mounted my new tires on the wrong sides, which resulted in some weird riding characteristics.

    Just something to look at.
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    I wonder if the slight toe out in the front is causing the issue? Zero or slightly toed in could help the car track better?

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    Don't know about the OPs tires, but my Continental Extreme Contacts (summer only tire) were pretty slippery for several heat cycles. The very first drive at 80F, they were no better than all seasons. I never had tires on a car that needed heat cycles.
    Side note, also recently learned there's a break in for brakes too. 20 years of maintaining my cars, never realized my brakes needed broke in...if I didn't have the Continentals there'd be alot of parts in the for sale section.

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    Alignment sheet looks right. However, was the steering wheel centered when they did it? If not, that may attribute to pulling right and multiple corrections.

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    First, you should go back to the original place where you did an alignment and tell them about your problems. Hopefully they can fix the issue and please keep us updated

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