Want a taste of the "intake resonator delete" sound on your Si without removing it?
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Thread: Want a taste of the "intake resonator delete" sound on your Si without removing it?

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    Want a taste of the "intake resonator delete" sound on your Si without removing it?

    I was poking around under the hood of my Si coupe and noticed there's no clamps holding the rubber boot at the top of the intake resonator where it connects to the airbox. So I moved it around a bit and it pops right out of each end with a few seconds of wiggling each way. Removing this leaves about 2-3 inches of open air (not-fresh air, but hot engine air of course) in front of the airbox opening. I would imagine removing the intake snorkel/resonator unit completely would sound pretty similar, maybe slightly louder. Below 3500 rpm or so, there's no real sound difference. Around 3500-4000 though, it definitely is louder. Maybe not in actual volume, but it makes a pretty nice, surprisingly lower-frequency growl that wasn't there before.

    I sit in traffic quite a bit, and I don't like the idea of the airbox sucking in that hot under-hood air. So I'm popping it back in, but at least I now have a pretty good idea of the difference removing the entire unit would make.
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    from experience of resonator delete, removing the sorkel does not sound louder than only removing that rubber boot. It sounds pretty beefy with the rubber part removed, and agree would not like that on a sunny day!!

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    That was a good idea to kinda test the waters. I've experimented a lot, the sound dif is really minimal no matter which way you try to do it and non existent until after 3000ish. I tried only leaving on that elbow you removed and I took off everything after it, still sucked in hot air and bogged the engine

    Ended up drilling some clean looking small holes within the 4 plastic outline rings on the elbow and lower tube, then put everything back on minus the big res box and snorkel. This way its still set up CAI style without having to worry about water or heat soak. She runs fantastic and there is zero noticeable throttle lag. Looks absolutely factory to.

    Btw I tried a k&n drop in, it makes more sound than the res delete. Sent it back though because its filtering ability is poopoo and it was leaving a greasy mess in my air box.
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    I am going to start taking things apart slowly, but im double thinking about the intake is the sound worth the 300 bux?

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    I have the res deleted and k&n drop in and it is definitely a lot more growly from 4k up. When I first did it, vtec was lore noticeable, but since then I guess ecu has compensated for slight increase in flow so it's bout same. Still get the whoosh with quick throttle input which I love.

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    Its a noticeable change. My buddy still has his pipe on his Si and it is much quieter.
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