So I have a 2013 Si with HID low and high beams running off the stock harness with no relay harness. A couple months ago my right low beam went out, after diagnosing it, it appears that there is no power supply coming from the stock harness. I checked the under hood relay and fuse and under dash fuses and all is good, but no power at the bulb connection/ HID input power plug. A couple weeks later my right side high beam went, diagnostics are exactly the same as for low beam. A week later after that, when I start the car my dash/ imid would light up with all kinds of error lights- check power steering system, check brake system, check VSA system, etc... and it does then about once a week or so. This left me clueless and wondering what the heck is going on! could the HID have caused some damage to the some of the computers/control modules on the car? looking for input on this cuz I'm bummed out and clueless..

Thanks in advance.