Turbo tips needed!
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Thread: Turbo tips needed!

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    Turbo tips needed!

    Hello! I've finally paid off the Civic, and saved for a turbo. Holy crap it gets expensive past the "kit". So far, I've got a Full race turbo kit, with a E.F.R. 7064 turbo. I've got motor mounts, a stage one exedy clutch and flywheel (hard motion said good for 500hp range, hoping so). Hondata 4 bar MAP sensor. PRL RBC intake swap kit with new RBC intake. Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors and adapters for RBC. I have not ordered a fuel rail, exhaust, hondata, or bosst controller.

    Anyone that has a turbo, I've never put a turbo on a car, and never had a turbo car. Is there anything that I'm missing here? I'd hate to get this all together, take it to the tuner and look like a newb! My goal is around 400hp with it driving stockish, hence why I haven't picked exhaust. My kids will ride in this on occasion and just with a RV6 down pipe my 6 year old daughter asked "why is your car tooting?"

    So a few question, do I need to save my M.A.F sensor? What weight oil is normally ran, I'm sure 0-W20 would not be ideal? Any tips on install that you found?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Apr 2015
    Ok for a full race turbo kit, here's things I wish I had known before, but was fun working through at any rate.

    1.) Walboro fuel pumps are a very tight fit. I suggest buying D.W. If your worried about it failing, in the scheme of things it's not expensive to keep a extra on hand. I have had no in tank leak or pressure drops so far.
    2.) Total cost. I've not turbo'd anything before. It was done in my garage over about 5 months, and my help was my 6 yo girl and 3 yo boy. It went to a local shop for first start and tune. This put total cost just over $10k. Dyno shop was well spent, they did clean up quite a few loose ends. It would have been cheaper for them to look it over, rough tune...then having online tuning.
    3.) For the full race kit, the MAF sensor isn't used, but still has to be plugged in. Amazon sells IAT sensors and pig tails I needed.
    4.) Should have gotten full motor mount set. The downstream 0² sensor is very close the the firewall. I got 70a top and rear mounts, the 50 miles I drove it so far, no issues...but is worriesome.
    5.) Adjust wastegate alingment. Will be checking this before I drive too much, there's a video on YouTube that explains how to do it much better than the borge Warner efr training documents. I found the video after project was done.
    6.) This I didn't mess up, but is helpful. I did not cutt any webbing from my oil pan for turbo oil return. There is a small area just left of where the oil filter is that was a perfect spot. That webbing on the pan is for strength.
    7.) This is a big one. Looking at pros and cons of hondata vs ktuner, they both looked fine. Ktuner has that nice touch screen with it. UNLESS your only doing online tunning, and have someone willing to tune ktuner, don't buy a ktuner for boost. Shop wanted hondata, as you can live view information vs only datalog on ktuner.
    8.) Subframe goes on much easier if you build a "t" shape out of wood, bolt to jack. Doesn't take any special would, I think I had 1½ pine.
    9.) Full race down pipe doesn't attach to 2012 stock exhaust, I ended up with the full race exhaust.
    10.) I was on the fence about doing a RBC swap, I shouldnt have been. It's easy, looks better, and for boost it's extra power.

    I have the efr 7064 turbo. It was 40F when I drove it home, and it started building boost at 2500rpm. And the recirculating valve doesn't keep me from getting a little bit of turbo flutter, which I was a little worried about. I'm at 8psi, tapers to 6psi and gives around 350whp. It's not that fast, but man it's fun. After my wife recovers from this project, I'll do gears and turn up the boost.

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    Big Timer!!! 9thgensifamily's Avatar
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    Apr 2015

    Borg Warners instructions on wastegate alignment are vague...this video is spot on.

    I did not do this when I aligned mine, and my boost shot to 10 (tuned at 8 dropping to 6, not ideal but long story). It was very noticeably faster and very worrying after I seen the boost controller! So whoever is installing this in the future, use the above link to save yourself $60 for a new wastegate and $5 for new underwear!

    Note that realignment may fix it, as I'm not a expert. I'm assuming the 3,000 miles I've put on it may have caused a leak on the diaphragm that I will replace out of abundance of caution. I'm happy that the tuner did map out past where they tuned boost pressure to...they've went up a few notches in my book.

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