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Thread: Does your car have a gender?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodLuck View Post
    I've never really understood why so many people refer to their car as a "she". I am older than most, and it has been this way for as long as I can remember and probably was the same way well before my time. I rarely hear a vehicle called a "he". So why are vehicles considered to be inherently female, or to have a gender at all?
    All my cars have always been "she" when I refer to them. And yes...I have named my cars. My first was a black on black 1991 Ford Taurus SHO that I named Brandy. I had a thing for Brandy at the time (the singer). My current Civic Si is named Tiffany. She's much more refined than Brandy, and is a bit more upscale than my old Ford Taurus SHO. It makes sense to me.

    No why do a lot of people refer to cars as "she's"? This is my personal opinion.

    They are constantly needing to be taken care of (think oil changes, tune ups) , will not take you anywhere unless you take care of them first (fuel them up), but when you take care of them...they take care of you.
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    I like how it says "invented pronouns":

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    My car came from the factory gender free. I have no mechanism to make it male, female, or gay. Is gay a gender? Some people think so. They're f--ked up-----figuratively or unnaturally.
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    The 60s VW Bug that my mom used to drive she named it Putt-Putt. I think it was considered an "it" at that time.
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    Yes, my car is my baby (girl)

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    Since my first post in this thread, I have completely forgotten what name I was referring to that I supposedly gave to my Civic. Just goes to show you how a) unimportant names are for my cars, and/or b) how unimportant a name is for a Civic.

    However, my MINI had a name (male). It kind of konked me on the head - I didn't have to think about it.

    My Beetle has a name. When I got the car I asked my daughter what she thought the car's name should be. She came up with Ginger. The car is red, as she had recently been to Scotland on a work/study program, so that name came to her pretty quickly.

    Also, I want to thank Snowood for bringing back some of these funny older threads. Always good for a chuckle.
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    Mine is Margot. Figured Harley was too obvious/cliche for a Rallye, so went with the actress's name

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