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While the TPMS system is certainly useful, it can be quite a chore on some cars to maintain, or downright expensive. I am the maker of some TPMS simulators devices, currently they are good for European Suzuki cars only, and I was looking into expanding them. Not sure whether the 2012-2013 Civic can be a suitable candidate for them. Does anyone feel any need for them at $60 (50 euros) ? I'll be needing a volunteer if so, more details in private.

- no need to program it to the car's ECU (for those non-automatic learning type of sensors).
- corded / replaceable batteries - you do not buy new sensors every 5 - 7 years, especially nice when there are more than one set of wheels in use with your vehicle.
- you will not get these autumn / spring warnings caused by temperature fluctuations.
- no such issues caused by some aftermarket sensors that would not fit into the rims.
- pass the periodic vehicle inspection if your state enforces functional TPMS.
- reversible: the next owner will be able to remove the device and install pressure sensors.

- obviously no TPMS functionality.
- if you are involved in a tyre related car accident and your insurance company detects a spoofed TPMS, no more monetary claims you can make; of course, if he can detect that.
Don't be shy folks. Let me know if you want this thing on the market.