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What I noticed among the issues of contemporary writers and readers. Tell me if it's easy for you to find a marketplace (we're talking about everything except Amazon) where you can easily choose and buy what you're interested in. I've noticed that it's quite difficult to find a place in marketplaces that supports secure payment methods, or most payment methods. Therefore, marketplaces that focus on selling books should also focus on the markets where your readers will be. As a result, how do you choose the right marketplace payment gateway? First, try to explore different blockchain-based payment solutions to find the one that best suits the needs of your online marketplace. Pay attention to features such as transaction speed, security protocols, scalability, user experience, and integration with other systems. Once you've identified the right solution for your online marketplace, make sure it meets all your requirements before making a purchase. Check if customer support is available for after-sales inquiries or any technical issues you may encounter during the implementation or operation of the system.

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