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  1. Is this play/slack of the shaft normal?

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Looks normal to me, especially with the car jacked up and no load on the suspension. The length of the axle changes slightly as the spindle moves up and down with the suspension. As far as axles go, as long as the rubber boot isn't cracked and slinging grease all over (which yours doesn't look...
  2. Evap system pressure/ evap system readiness

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I have ano emissions inspection coming up so I had to load the "reflash" tune instead of my vittune because he disables the secondary o2 sensor and it won't complete the readiness tests. I did this last year and it worked fine. I just checked in Flashpro manager that all the readiness tests were...
  3. Engine almost cutting out at idle in neutral?

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I have a 2013 Civic si with intake, catted downpipe, and a Vit tune. The car has about 50k on it now. I have experienced this problem 4 or 5 times where the car is sitting still in neutral idling and all of the sudden the rpm's drop then pick right back up. It doesn't stall when this happens it...
  4. Eibach Spring Noise Help (Video)

    Suspension & Brakes
    P.S From the video it looks like you need a new tire. @the 18 sec mark you can see a bubble in your sidewall at 11 o'clock.
  5. Eibach Spring Noise Help (Video)

    Suspension & Brakes
    If you can see the strut rod/nut moving in the upper strut mount under the hood, thats where your noise is coming from. Tighten the nut. The arrows on the top strut mounts point outward lining up with the slot the hub bolts to, not toward the engine bay.
  6. Front lip 2013 sedan

    ^nope 12-14 Sedans
  7. H&R Sport Springs

    Suspension & Brakes
  8. Invidia Q300/N1 Civic Si Exhaust Thread

    Exhausts and Downpipes
    My Rattle Fix: When I first installed my Q300 on the stock downpipe I had no issues or rattles. After I installed my Full Race downpipe I had a rattle where the muffler was hitting the rear exhaust hanger. The downpipe must be about half an inch longer which pushed the whole cat back towards the...
  9. Show of those vinyl jobs

    Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    20% Tint All the way around Gloss black'd out all the chrome on the front Gloss black'd out the reflectors on the rear bumper Gloss Red "Civic" Overlay Red Taillight Overlays I plan on getting rid of the chrome strip on the trunk, but didn't want to make it gloss black... Probably going to paint...
  10. Safe to run FR catted DP, Q300 and SRI on reflash tune?

    Exhausts and Downpipes
    Just picked up a Full race catted downpipe to add to my Q300 and Short ram intake. Im going to buy an Etune from VIT probably next week. Can I install the catted downpipe and safely drive the car for a week or 2 without any issues? I wanna throw the DP on the car, but should I wait until I get...
  11. Invidia Q300/N1 Civic Si Exhaust Thread

    Exhausts and Downpipes
    What's the best Catted Downpipe paired with the q300? I saw someone say the Full-Race catless was the best, But I don't want to have to take it off every year to pass an emissions test to get inspected. No way of passing emissions without a cat right? So Im between RV6 catted which is the...
  12. Tuning AF Ratios

    ECU Tuning
    I have my high cam AFR's dialed in pretty good, but am still playing with the low cam AFR's / AFM Flow... These "normal table values" are really only the suggested values @ WOT (>70% throttle) right? So at WOT map pressures from -26 to -4.3 should never occur? When loading a datalog the...
  13. Tuning AF Ratios

    ECU Tuning
    At first I was thinking you weren't seeing the slider under the AFM flow values, and it was hidden behind your xy graph and couldn't see it... You have an ILX? When I try to open a new ILX calibration I see what your talking about "voltage" is spelled wrong when in the ILX calibration where it...
  14. Tuning AF Ratios

    ECU Tuning
    Read the tuning guide on Flashpro help. FlashPro Help Your first step is to tune the AFM Flow table so that your Mean Short term fuel trims are within 1%. The computer will then (in closed loop) calculate the fuel needed to achieve a stoich air fuel ratio (14.7:1) based on the amout of air in...
  15. Official WTB FlashPro thread

    Wanted Section
    I bought one. You can take me off the list.