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  • dannyacd79 ·
    ADExternal, I am trying to install a backup camera on my 2012 Odyssey EX, and followed your DIY for the civic (including buying the same parts). Everything worked great, until I got to the 32P connector. It is wired differently that in your example. I acquired a pin-out for it, and it has similar desciptions/names to the one you referenced, except it doesn't have a clearly marked one for BACK_LT to detect when the car is in reverse mode. I've tried several combinations, but have been unable to get it to work. I verfied through an external monitor that the camera is receiving power and transmitting video, but can't (obviously) verify that the video is making it to the iMID, except I am sure that the pins are seated properly. I'm just not sure how to tell the system that it needs to switch to the camera input. See the pin-out image, and let me know if you have any advice.



    stomaan ·
    hello dear
    what is your location If you are in UAE I can see you in person and we can deal if nt so then can you ship it to PAKISTAN
    inno ·
    hey, how's your taillight led bulb? was it tough to get it in there? i heard it's tough with the coupe.
    Dynobluedrew ·
    Hi, I was wondering about the flip key shell you have... I bought the same one on eBay and my car doesn't read the transponder key when in the new shell but when in the original key shell it works perfectly fine.... Did you have this problem?
    ADExternal ·
    Lol Marchael, I was the one that sent you the information of the local auto lighting place in Houston remember? Anyways, it is illegal to not have a license plate infront in Houston. I have my plate in the back of the trunk with the bracket for if I do get pulled over, I can say that I'm on my way to the dealership to get it fixed. Or you can always leave it on the side of the seat and pop it in the windshield when you get pulled over since the rules states it has to be infront of the car and is not specified in any spot.
    Marchael ·
    Yo, you're from Houston right? I see you removed your license plate on your car and was wondering if i could do that and wouldnt get haggled by police. Do u know if police around town are anal about this? im thinking of removing mine too haha
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