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  • tju360 ·
    Hey Arm0, I'm interested in joining the SoCal 9's. I was wondering if I could request a number, and could I attend the next meet if at all possible?
    j0erickson ·
    Arm0 - What ever came of the JDP Engineering carbon fiber front lip?? I cannot access the thread anymore and I am very much interested in acquiring one! Please let me know and thanks in advanced!
    nirvanarokr ·
    sup bro , chillen. trying to get my mods in order lol.. Yeah actually someone posted that they called Eibach and that they released them yesterday or so, and that they were in the high 300 range, but there are two websites that are selling them in the mid 2's, would you like me to get the websites for you? They have them now! lol I asked if they were going to make them with the sway bar kit in the 400's no reply yet.
    Digger ·
    Arm0ged0n has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
    dc_lee ·
    Team meeting? Wait where lol? I might not be able to make it =\

    Got my car appointment Friday morning at 9 so I was gonna leave orange county Friday morning lol.
    Arm0ged0n ·
    Not sure, you can ask. Well the reason why I got the vents, because my car was used for fitment purposes :) I've gotten a lot of compliments in person, but it all depends what you prefer.
    CivicSiFtw ·
    thatd be cool but how much? idk if i could justify spending $200 more for two little vents. do they look better in person or is it just me? i feel like if someone sees it they could just think they are those cheap stick on ones cuz they dont go flush with the hood or anything?
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