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  • xXBob RossXx ·
    Hey man, Yeah stock vs. stock Si has more body roll than the accord, a little mushy. I had k-sports on the accord motor mounts full exhaust so it was way better. The accord was 240hp stock, v6 6spd manual transmission. It was fast. My brother has a 2011 3.8 genesis coupe with magnaflow cat-back exhaust and we were neck & neck on a highway pull. Handling I would say goes to the civic just because its about half a ton lighter. But I got the civic si because I was tired of the stiff suspension, tired of the solid engine mounts and wanted a more fuel efficient vehicle. Overall I am happy with the civic.
    mtshsi ·
    That's nice--that's a great motor and diff. I'm with you on that--the Prelude is what got me hooked on Hondas too. Thanks man.
    mndart ·
    I just drove it to Charleston and was pretty comfortable. It It is the same engine, but it seems tuned differently. It may be the weight difference or something, but the Civic runs like a bat out of hell and will scream, the TSX felt like it was trying to be something it is not. The TSX seemed like is struggled more when you got on it, the Si is all over it and ready to go when you get on it. Handling, the Si is nimble, quick, responsive; the TSX feels clumsy and awkward. I thought the TSX handled well (somewhat better than my 07 Accord), but now that I have had time in the Si, I am happy I got rid of the Acura. The Si is tight, responsive and corners well, better than the TSX. I am also sick of paying the price premium for luxury cars. Have had Bimmers, Lexus, Acuras. I am sick of the raping that occurs when you need to repair or service them.

    Another thing I like about the Si is its small footprint, where the TSX is a bit larger and looks it.
    mndart ·
    My $0.02: The Civic is 100 times more fun to drive. It accelerates better, handles better. I loved the TSX 2.4 engine so I decided to check out the 12 Si.I was sold in a moment. Also, the Acura dealer left a lot op be desired. They wanted to screw me on my trade in (my 09 TSX for a 12 or 13), cant get Navi on the model with stick shift. Too expensive.
    sleepy5950 ·
    was considering the bisimoto or hytech for the longest time but couldnt justify spending over 1000 on an exhaust setup. after reading around and not seeing a single complaint i went w this one for $400, they say its one of those best bang for ur buck parts. H22A www.Logicmotorsports.com Tri Y/Highend Header - Honda-Tech
    sleepy5950 ·
    aah im jealous, im still rocking the stock suspension on my prelude. i have logic headers just sitting in my room waiting to get put on, i was in the middle of my exhaust build when my prelude stopped turning on. the previous owner did a hack job on the wiring for the alarm. now i have to slowly save up for a new alarm, prolly jus gna tow it to a shop. but payments for SI are a priority. any pics of ur lude?
    SleepingPanda ·
    no problem. Honestly wouldn't have if I knew so many people would be so angry about it. lol. should have just stayed quiet. but your welcome and thanks for the support
    mtshsi ·
    I had a 97 Prelude SH. Great car. Before that I had a 95 Prelude that was fully built and really nicely tuned.
    7frog89 ·
    It was extremely easy. All the original piping remains except for the resonator. nothing changes from the throttle body all the way to the tubing after the stock air box. So from the air box, there is a (i believe 2 piece tubing) that leads down to under the battery and into the drivers side fender. Now everything from that point is what is removed. once you remove the flexible plastic from the fender well, you will see what the resonator looks like. there is a secondary approx 1.5" diameter flexible tubing that follows the curve above the fender that will have a handful of clips holding it in. remove them as well as 3-4 screws that hold the main resonator piece on. all that is required to remove from tubing from engine bay is to pull apart .all you will need tool wise is a small ratchet (10mm if i remember correctly) a flathead for the clips and a phillips for the handful of screws that are involved. Hit me up if you have issues
    jsezawich ·
    The WeatherTech mats cost $187.50 for the two front and two rear with tax and shipping included. Pretty expensive, but well worth it considering the quality. Congrats on your Si.
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