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  • That1Si ·
    thank you for your positive comment, thats what I need right now. I'm doing a little better, stalled at least 5 times today compare to nearly 15 times the other day. WHen im in an empty parking lot, I dont stall but when I just do small errands around my house area, like maybe 5 minutes drive away, i stall at lights mainly cos there are people behind who are impatient and honk at me, or wave their hand at me like "what are you doing?" type of thing, which causes me to stall. :/
    AlienPrime ·
    Thats great to hear! Just haven't seen you a lot! Been busy with the forums... Workin and workin lol. I'm a Mod now haha, and i've got over a 1000 posts more than Bluestar! Wheew! How did that happen? :p
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