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  • pdoods ·
    Hey man just wondering if you ever ended up installing those sport lines you put a picture of in the thread? If you did have you had any rubbing? I've been reading up and really can't get a strait answer on this. I wanna go with sport lines but i don't really want to get the camber kit. Let me know what you think.Thanks
    Stigmacher ·
    Didn't lower, stock springs and dampers.
    Smart move on the down pipe, that's the end to work on.
    I'm an na person, Don't like boost. The down pipe is where I'll start on the motor. Would like a more aggresive exhaust cam maybe skunk will come out with one. Kpro before the cam though.
    Stigmacher ·
    hey man,
    keep me updated on the autocross gig.
    sent u a friend request.

    still enjoying the sway bars, you're going to love them.
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