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    I have 1300 posts and my description above my avatar has disappeared?Can I add my own now and where in settings can I do this.
    dagocrazy ·
    Hey Shrub, I was checking out your diy on the bc short shifter and the pics aren't coming up. any way to maybe email them to me or something? sure would help if I could see the steps..trying to decide if I should do the bushings also...whats your thoughts on them? thanks
    Shong1up ·
    We're gonna have to make people feel like their part of something exclusive so let's build a 9th gen club and to see what kind turnout we get
    inno ·
    Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Mid Tower Case - ATX, Micro ATX, 120mm LED Fan, 4x 5.25 Bays, 5x 3.5 Bays at TigerDirect.com

    that's my desktop case. i'm trying to find an internal sd card reader. so i would be looking for one that fits 5.25 right?
    erenix ·
    hi Skrub,

    Was your typhoon's fitment also off? or was the venturi tube problllem fixed when you ordered yours?

    I really don't feel like filing and refitting...

    anyway, hows the induction sound from it--music to ears?

    thx bud
    CivicMx ·
    Thanks scrub! I feel like a little kid ahaha...i have been practicing driving of the lot in my head..dont want to stall out!! Ill be fine. Im more concerned with a speeding ticket...last time i had 200 hp under the hood it didnt end to well for me!
    SexyLeo ·
    I've been looking in the ECU forum, & I couldn't find this question, but did find a huge post by U, so figured i'd ask: Would tuning do NEthing for my EXL with/without exhaust/suspension mods? If so, what would it change & with which mods? Thnx 4 all u'r help! [<Really new 2 this]
    CivicSiFtw ·
    alright so overallll how satisfied are you with your k&n? any downfalls? that smell ever get figured out? maybe just a bad batch back then?
    AlienPrime ·
    LOL! You changed itt :D And it was only like 8 hours no worries! If i don't sign on for 8 hours i'll have 30 PM's 600 threads and answer, and some very very angry people hahaha
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