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  • RR'12SiCp ·
    How are your sway bars? Are you still enjoying your ride? Some have talked about using aftermarket sway bar links? Is this necessary?
    pukemon ·
    hey do you have a 2012 or 2013 civic? i didn't know the 2013 sway bars were upgraded to 21/18 as opposed to the '12's 18/15 setup. is it still worth it upgrading to 24/19? i still can't find any reliable info on having to upgrade cambers if i get the eibach springs.
    DNice ·
    I have a 2012 Ex sedan. When my warranty's over, I plan to upgrade the suspension. Whatdo you recommend?
    RR'12SiCp ·
    Thought so.
    Yep, Full Race is my choice for a lot of good reasons.
    I hear Skunk 2 is extremely loud though? I'm not much for noise. They did release an exhaust and downpipe, or at least its in the works. I've seen the posts and pics on the forum.
    Nice talking to ya.
    RR'12SiCp ·
    I can certainly do that! But I will not be able to update you on it until the spring. By that time I should have my downpipe and sway bars! Downpipe is next, within a month or two. Waiting on Full Race to release it.

    I can't wait for the sway bars, but yet I am not in too much of a hurry because of the weather. (Its the wrong time of year). Snow, ice, salt & stones are not a good mix for anyone on the road.

    Did you lower your Si? From what I remember, I don't think you did.
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