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  • SebSmith ·
    i did adjust the settings, and i pretty much have everything turned all the way up, otherwise something is lacking somewhere. IMO the treble is muddled when turned down. theres some bass where it needs to be, but I want to hear/FEEL the thump of the bass, especially bass drops. idk if the basslink will do that for me... idk what im going to do. all i do is listen to music while i drive and it is my daily escape during my drives. i used to have 3- 10" subs in my old GTI, and that was a bit overbearing, but i miss feeling the bass.
    Suburban Titanium ·
    The tweeters came with a mounting kit that fits nicely and allows you to angle the direction of the speakers. Hardest part was cutting the hole in the plastic trim on the pillars to fit the mounting. I would definitely get the Infinity BassLink if only my Civic wasn't my daily driver for a job that requires me to do hot shot deliveries in my trunk, so all the cargo space I can get is important. The BassLink has more wattage but is 9" thick. I'm planning on getting the Sound Ordnance B-8PT even though its weaker cause its only 3" thick & I can mount it to the roof of my trunk.
    SebSmith ·
    how hard was it to install tweeters? have you looked at Infinity BassLink Powered subwoofer: 200 watts and a 10" sub at Crutchfield.com im thinking about getting this one
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