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  1. Who has had a repaint done under the 7 year extended warranty?

    Exterior Problems
    Mine is in the shop being repainted right now under the extended warranty program for the crow's feet cracking issue. Hood and fenders only. I waited the full 7 years before having it done and so far it has been very smooth with no hassles. Will update after I get my car back from the...
  2. Gears not catching

    Drivetrain Problems
    Shifter cables and bushings should be inspected. This would be the most likely cause based on the description.
  3. Si High Milers Club

    Been quite a while since I have been here. Still putting the miles on my Si and have now owned it for 7 years! I have had no major mechanical issues since my last list of repairs that I posted. I did have to replace the driver side axle seal due to a very minor leak. Currently I am driving...
  4. V Tech Decal removal fail

    Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    Yeah heat gun will be your friend. I took mine off after they had been on the car for a while. It was not easy at all to get mine off. They are thin and can be brittle making the task a pretty frustrating one. I used a heat gun and a very clean edged credit card to get mine to cooperate...
  5. Si High Milers Club

    You certainly fit in this club! Minimum 18,000 per year gains admittance to our exclusive group. My first two years of ownership racked up over 72,000 miles but the pace has slowed a bit since then. These are great cars to put the miles on. :) Welcome to the High Milers Club! p.s. I love...
  6. Si High Milers Club

    On an extended trip with all freeway miles between fill ups I have seen as much as 38.5 mpg with my car fully loaded down with camping gear and three occupants. Amazing what these cars can do in the right situations. :)
  7. Grinding sound as I pull out in first

    Drivetrain Problems
    Do you feel actual clutch chatter or slippage? Mine would just make a nasty buzzing sound which I was fine to live with for over 50k more miles after first hearing it. The function of the clutch was unaffected, just annoying.
  8. Si High Milers Club

    NICE! How is your MPG on long trips like that?
  9. Grinding sound as I pull out in first

    Drivetrain Problems
    Find a slight incline. From a complete stop, rev to 1400ish rpms and release the clutch slowly and see if it makes the noise just when it starts to grab. This would be the clutch plate springs that have gotten fatigued and loose so they vibrate.
  10. Si High Milers Club

    Good to see there are still some High Milers around here!
  11. 1st Gear Clutch Noise

    Drivetrain Problems
    Almost 60K miles since my clutch was replaced by Honda. No issues at all so far.
  12. To keep or sell my car

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    All Jeeps are Mall Rated now! Keep the Si.
  13. Michigan Si Owners?

    What have all you MI Si owners been up to? This thread is dead :(
  14. Red i-VTEC/DOHC decals opinion (with a crappy pic)

    Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    At 150K miles and still no fading or peeling problems with my stickers. :)
  15. Si High Milers Club

    Well Howdy there High Milers! Been a while since I have been on here and glad to see that some are still posting updates. I just noticed that my photobucket account won't work for 3rd party hosting of pics. What site are you guys using for hosting your pics now? I had to replace my driver...
  16. Si High Milers Club

    Have you been driving the wheels off your Si's? Post an update for us if you have. :)
  17. Si High Milers Club

    Well I finally opened up my wallet and bought a new set of tires a couple weeks ago. Today I replaced my original battery that had been going bad for the last year. Seems it didn't really like the 10 degree temps and finally died.
  18. Si High Milers Club

    How many sets of tires Marko? We are close to even with the stack of miles now too! :)
  19. Hey Guys!!!

    New Member Introductions
    Real Honda's have a stick shift! :) Welcome to the forum and the Si owner's club too.
  20. Trouble code P0497 & P145c

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Swap out the solenoid and see what happens.
1-20 of 498 Results