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  1. Moncton NB 9th gen owners

    Moncton NB here as well (though I'm not on here very often), 2012 Si coupe
  2. 1st Gear Clutch Noise

    Drivetrain Problems
    Thanks for your reply. Further research has led me to the conclusion that it is definitely the loose springs, based on the reasons you stated here combined with other info. They are quoting 8 hours (potentially more) for labour so the estimate is $1700 before tax, which would make it the most...
  3. 1st Gear Clutch Noise

    Drivetrain Problems
    Hahaha, yeah I kind of fell off the civic planet for a while. Hobbies changed and I started running half marathons and spending less time on car-related things. Apparently I ticked off my baby and now she is letting me know, lol.
  4. 1st Gear Clutch Noise

    Drivetrain Problems
    Ok, sorry to drag up an older thread but I'm having the same issue as many of you... noises from a dead stop only when the clutch is mid-way out and then it's fine once I'm rolling or going from gear to gear. Only my dealer said the opposite of yours... he said my whole clutch is likely to crap...
  5. Show us your weather pics!

    Pictures and Images
    Haha, nope. We got a warm day last week and I washed it but you've got to make sure it'll be warm for a day or 2 after or everything freezes up otherwise!
  6. Show us your weather pics!

    Pictures and Images
    Mobile ice cube... No business like snow business!
  7. Post Your Winter Beaters!

    Pictures and Images
    Thanks! I loved the matte bronze the minute I saw it :) For the winter I went with economical price tag over appearance. I don't necessarily love the black and silver combo but they were the same price as steelies and they're covered with salt or snow most of the time anyways so I didn't really...
  8. Post Your Winter Beaters!

    Pictures and Images
    My winter beater looks suspiciously like my summer car... Summer: Winter:
  9. The Official All Girls Crew "Import Sweethearts" Thread

    If you're on Facebook just join the group through the link posted in the first thread. I guess there is also an Instagram group too but I don't know how that stuff works, lol.
  10. Hello From Rockwood Ontario

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome! :canada:
  11. Racer Hottie Shea Holbrook Compares Civic Si HFP to Her Race Car

    Honda & Civic News
    You won't regret the HFP suspension, there is a noticable improvement over the stock one. I purchased one as soon as they became available separately in Canada a few months back. What frustrated me is that it was a costly venture for the suspension all of the Si's should have come with in the...
  12. The Official All Girls Crew "Import Sweethearts" Thread

    Moncton area. I was actually just over on the Island last weekend for a wedding! I'd go there a lot more if it weren't for the ridiculously expensive cost of the bridge pass :tongue:
  13. The Official All Girls Crew "Import Sweethearts" Thread

    I'm a little late noticing this thread I see, lol. The link didn't work for me but I found the group on facebook with a seach and "liked" it! We used to have a local "girls club" back in like 2002 or something like that and we were all rocking the body kits, lowered cars, underglow, and big...
  14. Rim opinions please

    Wheels and Tires
    Have you considered going with red ones? They would coordinate with the Si red accent color well. And I don't think 17" will look odd. That's what I've got on mine (an Si with the HFP lip kit and suspension), and yours is basically the same car based on exterior appearance.
  15. learning to drive manual or stick tranny

    Drivetrain Problems
    I think you'll find that once you try it on a consistent basis you'll learn really quickly. The only way I really learned how to do it well was by buying one. I had ex-boyfriends try to teach me on their cars but I was always anxious and paranoid when driving them, certainly far from...
  16. HFP lip kit problems!!

    My 2 rear pieces were reinstalled and I haven't had any issues with them since (but we haven't had cold weather since then either, which I think was part of the issue). I do have one side skirt that's a bit loose but it is from the original install and wasn't repaired to my knowledge so it will...
  17. Lets see your stickers!!!

    Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    Haha, so has it worked for you yet? Being a safety concern and all of course. I had my 19 year old cousin in the car with me the other day and he said "This car must get you laid". I laughed and said "WTF? Trust me, I don't need the car to get laid". For some reason your sticker reminded me of...
  18. All Lug Nuts master thread

    Wheels and Tires
    Are you looking to buy online or locally? I got my Work ones through a local shop here in NB, but that won't help you much. I would check with your local shops but you can buy ones online too though at kseriesparts.com and they do ship to Canada. The cheapest ones they have are the Gorilla lugs...
  19. Just Curious how many legit Si HFP's are out there...

    In the US they also came in the sunburst orange (the color of the original demo model at SEMA). I've got the HFP lip kit on my Si and the HFP suspension but the full kit wasn't available yet when I purchased the car and I had my heart set on blue anyways.
  20. Money Pits...

    Water Cooler
    Mine is only about 4 years old so aside from the initial landscaping/driveway paving this is the first time I've really put any money into it. Renos add up quick though!
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