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  1. Anyone Use Optimum No Rinse, Or Other Rinseless Washes?

    Detailing, Wash & Wax
    I've been using Optimum No Rinse exclusively for the past year and love it. Makes washing my car more convenient. It doesn't leave any streaks and uses a lot less water since it requires no rinsing. I can also wash my car inside my garage when it's hot or cold out as a result as well. Meguiar's...
  2. Lurker For Past 2 Years

    New Member Introductions
    Thanks! Hmm, wonder why you like the color. Nice 2012 Si Coupe by the way! Haha.
  3. Lurker For Past 2 Years

    New Member Introductions
    Thanks for the welcome! Definitely lots of knowledgeable people and useful information on here!
  4. Lurker For Past 2 Years

    New Member Introductions
    Thanks for all the welcomes! I'll check out the Suspension & Brakes section in a bit to give my opinion on my TruHart/H&R setup. As for pictures... I don't have that many, but here are two with my current setup:
  5. New Look?

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    I like it as well. I just made an account a few days ago, but I browsed frequently on here before the design change. A bit cleaner and faster for both the Mobile and Desktop versions!
  6. FS: H&R TRAK+ DRM Series Wheel Spacers 20MM (4065640)

    For Sale Section
    Hey 9thgencivic, I just bought these H&R Wheel Spacers, but had a change of mind since my setup has some minor rubbing with them. They sit flush with the fenders and look great, but I decided don't want to deal with rubbing or modifying fenders/liners. I only ran the spacers for about 19 miles...
1-6 of 6 Results