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  1. What’s wrong with my car

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    That sounds like a belt to me
  2. Password Jdm Intake

    Bolt-Ons and All-Motor
    Nothing ground breaking here, it's an intake. I think we all pretty much know how to install them. After driving to work today i'm beginning to like it a little more. Overall i'd rate 5/10. I'm gonna get a plug for the tube and bypass the hoses to clean everything up. I know not everything...
  3. 4 Piston Racing new head program

    Si Only
    Cool, i'll make sure to check those out.
  4. Password Jdm Intake

    Bolt-Ons and All-Motor
    I'll post some pictures tomorrow when I'm at the office and supposed to be working, but overall impressions.......the intake itself is a nice unit, everything else about it is junk. Thing took me 2 hours to install. Not that i'm the greatest with a wrench(just ask modrid) but it took thirty...
  5. welcome newest members!

    New Member Introductions
    Me and Modrid live in the DFW and meet up to play disc golf quite often. Shoot us a pm if interested.
  6. I did...something to my Si shifter

    Drivetrain Problems
    Sirimoto also makes a short shifter that's cheap, if your worried about distance of throws thats a simple bandaid and you can get it with new base bushings. As far as the first to second grind, I believe these cars are known to not like a quick shift because of the clutch delay valve. Free mod...
  7. 4 Piston Racing new head program

    Si Only
    Why stop at 8? Take that bish to 9k lol. Nah i'm playing. Any plans to document your build?
  8. 9th gen si to 8th gen si

    Suspension & Brakes
  9. Password Jdm Intake

    Bolt-Ons and All-Motor
    I was thinking about doing a youtube video, not sure if i'm ready for the internet fame lol. In other news, the search function appears to work now since the redesign.
  10. Hfp parts

    Interior mods
    Ebay is the only place I have seen them pop up in the past couple of years and people want like $200 for them. Things are super rare.
  11. If you’re looking for OEM projectors click this

    PM me pricing please. It'll be a ways away, but I'm very interested.
  12. Password Jdm Intake

    Bolt-Ons and All-Motor
    It was $200 off during black friday. I'll let everyone know how it goes. Yea I wouldn't mind getting one for the 8th gen when I do the RBC.
  13. Password Jdm Intake

    Bolt-Ons and All-Motor
    Has anybody ran this thing or have an experience with it? Those things were popular through the 8th gen, but I never hear about them for the 9th. I can't find anything except a few youtube videos and a thread from way back in the day but thats about it.
  14. Si High Milers Club

    Keep it up. Gives me piece of mind about my purchase.
  15. Custom Interior

    Interior mods
    Very nice. Any plans to do the doors?
  16. I did...something to my Si shifter

    Drivetrain Problems
    I would think something along these lines as well. It's been a while since i've been into my shifter, but I wonder if those cables have any adjustment. Weird that one pull messed things up like that. I beat on my car regularly with 90k on it and it shifts like butter.
  17. DIY: I don't know what muffler to go with!

    Mugen twin loop
  18. 9th Gen Civic POP Crew

    5x4.5 offset is a little wonky but they've been that way forever. Cept the fox bodys which had a four lug for some reason.
  19. RRCoupe The Year of Boost?

    Build Section
    Too bad you can't get 93 octane. Excellent work as usual. The only single cam i've seen in these cars that impresses me.
  20. 1 year after getting my 9th gen

    New Member Introductions
    What would you trade for?
1-20 of 487 Results