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General Information

Last update: July 17, 2017 - Corner balanced/align
7/17/2017 Corner balanced and aligned by West End Alignment
Mounted 4 new Hankook V12 EVO2 tires 215/45R17; 37640 miles
5/20/2017 Installed CF upper rear shock bar
5/13/2017 Reinstalled rebuilt Buddy Club N+
8/27/2016 Hasport Rear engine mount U62A (Street)
7/9/2016 Wilwood front BBK, red calipers, slotted/drilled
2/7/2015 17x7.5 SSR Type Competition installed
2/7/2015 Hankook V12 EVO2, wheel alignment
2/4/2015 Installed production version of front bracket BC N+
1/24/2015 Pit Crew installed the Spoon rigid collar kit
7/6/2014 Installed Silver P2R Throttle Body Spacer.
6/18/2014 Modulo Style grille CBP installed.
5/28/2014 Real carbon fiber license plate frame.
5/6/2014 Replaced threaded Progress end links with Moog's.
5/1/2014 Uninstalled broken CREE LED projector signal lights; also removed CREE reverse lights Replaced the bad 6K HID from eBay and installed a much better AC-based 6K HID from local vendor.
4/30/2014 Buddy Club Pulley Kit, rear N+ production unit, and 21mm anti-sway bar installed.
4/28/2014 Installed CREE LED projector reverse lights. Installed FlashPro stock tune. THE QUEST FOR POWER BEGINS!!!
4/27/2014 Completed retrofit: Generic 2.5" mini H1, 6K HID, cleared corner lights, CREE LED projector signal lights 6K
4/20/2014 Bought OEM trunk trey
4/17/2014 3rd Brake Light Flasher installed
4/12/2014 Hybrid Racing Shifter Cable Bushing installed
4/8/2014 Buddy Club Short Shifter and Torque Base Bushing installed
3/16/2014 LED smoked tail lights installed
3/8/2014 FKX racing X brace installed
2/8/2014 FKX front & Beaks rear tie bars installed
2/1/2014 Progress 24mm rear sway bar & end links installed
1/31/2014 FKX trunk brace installed
1/25/2014 FKX upper strut bar installed
5/10/2013 17x7.5 Volk Racing CE28N installed (05/xx/2013)
3/21/2013 Installed Modulo style side skirts
3/17/2013 Plasti dipped front/rear emblems
3/2/2013 Installed CBP Modulo style front lip
2/26/2013 Buddy Club installed the N+ dampers and camber kit. Picked up the pulley kit.
2/21/2013 Installed 3000K HID fogs.
1/29/2013 Installed DIY in-dash Homelink
1/26/2013 Installed Window visors & 8000K HID fogs.
1/15/2013 debadged "Si" front
1/5/2013 CT Engineering Short Shifter installed, Razo carbon fiber shift knob
1/4/2013 Rays valve caps installed
1/2/2013 debadged "Civic", "Si" rear
12/31/2012 VR center caps installed
12/21/2012 17x7.5 Volk Racing TE37 installed
12/15/2012 3M Crystalline Tint
12/10/2012 Broadway Mirror
12/9/2012 Purchased
2012 Last update: July 17, 2017 - Corner balanced/align


Buddy Club pulley kit
Flashpro + ULtimate Tune
P2R Throttle Body Spacer (Silver)

Not installed part:
Hasport RMM 62a

In the market for...
Full Race 3" exhaust
Broadway mirror.
Buddy Club short shifter
Hybrid Racing Shifter Cable Bushing
Torque Shifter Base Bushing
Razo carbon fiber shift knob and pedals
DIY in-dash Homelink
3M Crystalline CR50 rear, CR70 front/windshield
OEM window visors.
3000K HID fog lights
Modulo style front lip CBP
Modulo style side skirts
Modulo style grille
Smoked LED tail lights
3rd Brake Light Flasher
Generic 2.5" mini H1 projector
6000K HID H1 AC
Carbon fiber license plate frame

Debadged "Civic" and "Si" front/rear emblems.
Plasti dipped Honda emblem front/rear
i-Mid's Instantaneous Fuel usage gauge & average MPG.
Can you HANDLE these?

Buddy Club N+ dampers
Buddy Club camber kit
Progress 24mm adjustable rear anti-sway bar
Moog endlinks
21mm front anti-sway bar w/ polyurethane bushing
FKX upper strut bar
FKX Racing X brace
FKX trunk brace
FKX front lower tie bar
Beaks rear lower tie bar
Spoon rigid collar kit
Wheel and Tire
SSR Type Competition 17x7.5 + 42 Metallic Black
Hankook Ventus V12 EV92
Gorilla lock lug nuts

Volk Racing CE28N 17x7.5 +43 Matte Black
OEM Michelin Pilot Hx 215/45-17
Skunk2 Black Series Lug Nuts 23.5g



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