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General Information

Civic SI Sedan
Alabaster Silver Metallic
Navigation, Sport / Summer Package, Lowjack
Bought Her in January 2012, Was ordered and customized for the Owners Son, at the dealership where I got her.
After getting into a car accident on 11/29/11, My 08 EXL coupe was badly Damaged, but fixable.
I was promised my old car would be done by Christmas, he swore up and down, this is a big auto repair shop here in Baltimore.
Woke up one day, went to work had a horrible feeling, he said the car was being welded under the right side front tire well, and it caught fire. I completely got extremely pissed was cussing my head off at him at the dealership I worked at, at the time. He promised to make everything okay. Insurance was paying for my rental car, a damn Camry, he said he was going to take over the rental payments, I went in they upgraded me to a 2012 decently loaded Jeep Grand Cherokee, $80+ a day on his tab.
I had an INJEN CAI, and A Greddy TI-C catback on the other coupe, and I think they blew it up to get my parts to sell.
Then I wanted to get a new SI, despite all that everyone was saying, and hating on it. I went to the dealership someone had a deposit to hold the car, I had better credit, and I ended up buying the Car. It was one of the 1st 500 made, in the 250 range. Maybe 257, or 267? But was an awesome ride got it for a steal! and she was all mine.
2012 Honda Civic SI Sedan (Alabaster Silver Metallic)


Takeda Cold air Intake
Takeda Cat Back Exhaust
Red LED Light Strips under Driver / Passenger Footwells
OEM Type R Shift knob 2012
Corsport Aluminum Cable Shifter Bushings
Hybrid Base Bushings
p2R stainless steel black coated clutch line
Passport X50 Radar
K-Series MTEC Industries Shifter Spring - Sport
Honda GPS
Premium Audio System
20% Color Stable 3m Tint all around
6k HID Low Beams
3k h11 PIAA Japanese JDM Yellow Fogs,
when I get tired of those I have some Nonkiya 7k h11 fogs I replace them with.
Black Plastidipped Honda Emblems, soon to be changed to OEM Japanese Type R , Red Emblems.
On the back window I have white stickers...
"Illest Si"
"Whip Game Proper" my car group
"Heart with lightning bolt in middle"
Yellow "Gernade" and peace sign in middle of it"
Led Licence plate light
Honda GPS System, Premium Audio System
Stock at the moment
Wheel and Tire
Stock Rims,
BF Goodrich Sport Comp II's Ultra High Performance Z Rated 17" Low Profile's



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