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Civic EX Coupe
Blue Metallic Saphire
I bought this car when I was 17. I bought it bone stock and did all the work to it. Unfortunately I had to sell it a few years ago when I needed the money. The sad part is I actually owned this one outright. Loved this car. When I sold it, it was like losing a child.
1998 Honda Civic EX Coupe (Blue Metallic Saphire)


For some reason I never took a single, solitary photo under the hood. Probably because it was nothing special. I had an AEM Cold Air Intake w/ Bypass Valve, Headers, Cat-Back Exhaust, and a high flow cat (aka punched the ceramic shit out of the center of the cat! lol..) It was all show no go, but it was still a quick little bugger. I'll take these photo slots up with some before pictures.
Interior Purple Ambient Lighting, APC Leather/Suede Racing Seats, White Painted Accent Panels
Where do I start? Well it was originally green. I painted it a Blue Metallic Saphire w/ a red pearl in the clear coat. The base coat is stock paint from a 96' Ford or Mazda. I painted this car myself with the help of friends (wet sanding). Angel eye projector headlights, 3D retro altezza tails, purple underbody lights, aftermarket Apache spoiler, Polyurethane Wings West front end, VIS Carbon Fiber Hood, Carbon Fiber rear view mirrors w/ tinted glass, 20% tinted windows, there's probably more but I forget.
Playstation 2 in the glove box, LCD screen, Sony head unit, Infinity Kappa speakers all around powered by a 4 channel Kenwood Amp, Infinity Kappa Perfect 12's powered by a 100w Mono Block Rockford Amp w/ 1.5 Farad Capacitor, Computer Fans in the Amp Deck to cool it, and plenty of switches for the bitches!
Unfortunately I only have one photo of any of my suspension upgrades. The car sat on Vogtland 2" Drop Springs, I also installed upper and lower strut bars on the front and rear of the car. This thing might not have been the fastest car around but it could corner like a son of a bitch.
Wheel and Tire
ICW 17" Rims with a Chromium Black Finish, Tires... whatever my uncle (local tire retailer) could find for cheap! I think the last set of shoes were Firestone Firehawks.



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