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  1. ECU Tuning
    I have a 2012 civic LX coupe and I was wondering if it's possible to add paddle shifters to the car. Since everything regarding the transmission is done through the ECU I don't see it being that hard to reprogram it to add paddle shifters? I could be wrong but I have no clue. Also Im aware that...
  2. Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    I have a 2012 civic si coupe and one of my housings is broken, does anyone have a source for ‘12 coupe SI fog lights that aren’t OEM? Honda ways between 3-$400 per loght assembly and don’t sell housings/lenses separately. Bye, I do NOT want any chrome on the fog lights. Spyder makes a set but...
  3. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    I recently graduated from high school and for graduating my dad gifted me a silver 2012 Honda Civic EX-L. my question is, is there anything I can do to it like mods or anything is it worth it???????
  4. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Hello, Are the 9th gen and 10th gen steering wheel embelms the same size? Ty!
  5. Coupe
    Hi everyone first time posting, been lurking on this website for close to a year now for learning about my civic and doing simple DIYs. I had been looking for a spoiler to replace the factory lip/spoiler that comes with my coupe but I couldn't find anyone parting out their trunk garnish on the...
  6. Exhausts and Downpipes
    Hiii, I couldn’t find any discussions on the forum about this, so I sort of have to start my own. Near the middle of the car (front-back), I notice the exhaust sort of hangs low and I can’t have it hanging so low once I get my coils. Does anyone know how I could resolve this? thanks ;)
  7. Suspension
    I've got a problem I have a 12 civic si sedan and I bought some bcs off a buddy but didn't realize that the steering knuckles were changed from 13 to 14 and he had a 14 so when I mounted them the front had way to much positive camber so i pulled them off and am planning on just swapping my...
  8. Drivetrain Problems
    Admins please move if not in correction thread. As title says, I'm facing my 2nd A/T rebuild at only 150k miles. I baby this car, all required maintenance and honda fluids and recommended times. At 90k miles my dealership had to rebuild it(luckily under warranty), but now 60k miles later I'm...
  9. Audio/Video/Navi
    I looked at this link and saw how to do it on the coupe, but it's a bit different on the sedan so I was wondering where the best location was to run the power wire through. I've tried looking at possibilities where other wires were passed through but Honda make the space so tight and I don't...
  10. Exhausts and Downpipes
    Hey everyone, I have a stock 2012 civic LX. I'm finally starting the process of upgrading the parts on my car and wanted to start with the exhaust system. I've been looking at Borla, Takeda, S2, Magnaflow, Greddy and Ultimate Racing but can't seem to decide on which would be the best one. I'm...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hello 9th Gen members. I am new here and wanted to say hello. I just picked up a 2012 civic ex coupe with a 5 spd manual in black. Before this purchase I was riding a Honda CBR F4i as a daily driver. This is actually the first Honda car I have owned and I love it. I don't plan on doing anything...
  12. DIY Section
    Hi I have a 2012 Honda Civic Sedan (mileage = 25K), I am looking to buy a fuel system cleaner that I can use along with fueling the tank with gas. Is there a good and recommended fuel system cleaner that you guys are using and also what is the recommended mileage intervals to use this cleaner...
  13. Audio/Video & Navigation
    New here! Just bought my honda civic and was playing around with the I-mid but something I couldn't figure out how to do was control my ipod. I have my ipod plugged in via USB but I want to go through my playlist via I-mid. Is this possible? What buttons do I push via steering wheel? Example...
  14. Wheels and Tires
    How much will 2012 ex alloy wheels sell for? I need ideas how much they run for. Thanks :)
  15. Sedan
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and was wondering if anyone has tried to put a 2013 grille on a 2012. I just got my 2012 Civic LX sedan. I wanted to switch out the front grille with either the Modulo grille or the Si grille. But if the 2013 grille fits, I would much rather have that. Thanks in advance.
  16. Coupe
    So I want to remove both front and rear H emblems from my 2012 si coupe as well as the Si emblems. I know the front Si emblem has the backing plate, but what about the rear? Is it held on with 2 prongs like the H, leaving two holes or is it on via adhesive?
  17. New Member Introductions
    New person drawn to this forum to maybe get some help/advice on a significant decrease in MPG after 30,000 miles (90% highway miles). Bought my 2012 Civic LX Coupe (5-speed) and for about a year, I enjoyed 42-46 MPG with mostly highway driving (my best was 49 MPG on a 50 mile run). Altitude was...
1-17 of 30 Results