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  1. For Sale Section
    I am the second owner of this 012. Mostly stock except for: Honda Factory Performance (HFP) STRUTS/COILS AND SHOCKS (1 inch drop) HFP Rims. Michelin Pilot Sport AS2s. Akebono ceramic brakes. K&N air filter. JDM badging. HID headlights. Llumar tint. Weather Tech Window deflectors. Honda Trunk...
  2. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Question, so almost every time I start up my car (9thgensi) and it's under 65 degrees, on start up something will grind for like .5 of a second. I've been told different things, such as the flywheel possibly going out, or oil. My 9th gen does go through oil faster than it should ( I believe...
  3. Wanted Section
    as title says I’m looking for a manual for 2012 civic coupe, mine is Si but I’m pretty sure the book is the same. Previous owner spilled something on mine and it is literally unuseable and falling apart. I know picture below is for sedan but I need the coupe manual. Will purchase and pay S&H. If...
  4. Coupe
    My window moldings are cracked and deteriorated, need to replace, I like to DIY, just out of curiosity asked dealer for a quote and was $240- $400 in labor. LOL! Dealers running a racket. So ill Buy parts and figure it out. If anyone has done this successfully and has any pics/instructions on...
  5. Sedan
    This is a complete long shot, but worth a try. Would any one with a 2013 (or higher) Alabaster Silver sedan be interested in swapping rear ends for a 2012? Ie. trunk, bumper and taillights. Located in CT willing to travel.
  6. Coupe
    Swapping to a coupe bumper on my 2012 sedan and I'm looking for upper grilles (between the headlights) that are mesh. Only ones I can find here on the forum are the C-Mod grilles that look great, but they're temporarily closed due to COVID. Are there any other companies that make mesh grilles...
  7. Appearance and Body Modifications
    I have a 2012 Si coupe and was wondering if anyone has done the conversion to a 2015 front bumper if it’s a direct fit or not. Main reason to try and do this is because I can’t seem to find any nice front lips for the 2012 front end
  8. For Sale Section
    Hello! This is my first time posting on this forum. I am selling my white 2012 Honda Civic Si because I am in need of a truck. The car has a clean car fax, K&N short ram air intake, weather tech floor mats, a full set of winter tires, tinted windows, and 18” black wheels paired with firestone...
  9. For Sale Section
    Selling FlashPro! Unlocked planning on parting out the rest of my car (2012 fg4) as well. Located in Toronto, Canada. Selling for $550USD or $700CAD!! Also if there's any interest I also have: K-Tuned Catless DP Skunk2 Megapower RR exhaust Takeda stage 2 intake HASPORT Rear motor mount Local...
  10. Bolt-Ons and All-Motor
    As the title is saying i'm having a lot of trouble finding one of these things to fit my car. Anybody know where I can order one? Also wondering about other budget mods that would get me a little bit of power or even just some sound.
  11. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey everyone, I've been getting some rattling noises while in reverse in idle speed some mornings and want to confirm it's a bad motor mount or not. 2012 EX 1.8l, 65k miles over 6.5 years. I've done every combination of search terms I could think of over the past 48 hrs and all I get is a flood...
  12. Audio/Video & Navigation
    What is needed to make a newer Honda Navigation work in a 2012 Civic SI? Benefits: HDMI pass through Backup Camera input Can anyone point me to the pinouts for the 2012 SI w/navigation and a 2014/15 SI w/navigation? I have seen the pinouts floating around. I will search myself and add them...
  13. Interior mods
    Has anyone done this swap? Any issues with the SRS system or fitment issues? I have someone willing to swap me a full set of 2012 Si seats because I am not a fan of the 14/15 seat color combo. TIA
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hi, new member to the site, used it before to work on my friend Civic, and this weekend I sold my 2012 Kia Optima Hybrid and bought a used 2012 Civic EX Sedan, with 33,000 miles. My first car was a 1995 Honda Civic DX Sedan, and after 4 other cars I am back in a Civic. I bought my new Civic to...
  15. Si Only
    My car has completely stock internals. This is what I am looking to do over this winter for spring. I am looking for mid-range power for the streets, so the more torque the better. I want to stay all motor since It will be my daily. Any suggestions for my full bolt-on build? Every comment...
  16. Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    Hey - I wanted to share a few upgrades that I have made recently. Here is the list -Blacked out emblems (besides Si) -Blacked out wheels (plastidip) -Removed factory pin stripe -Invidia Q300 exhaust -K&N SRI -Installed JL 13W7 and JL750HD -12 sheets sound deadener -15% tint What do you all...
  17. Wheels and Tires
    I recently upgraded my stock 15" wheels to a brand new set of Stock 2014 Si 18" wheels. The stock 15” rims still; have the stock TPMS sensors in them.And as we all know, the stock 2014 Si 18” rims no longer have the TPMS sensorsinstalled in the rim. The issue I’m am now having is every 3...
  18. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Anyone have the electric scheme for connection of this model? "39540-TR8-M01-NH167L MITSUBISHI" Thankss ^^
  19. Sedan
    Has anyone tried this from ebay? I am wondering the fitment and ease of installation? "Civic Sedan 2012 12 FB JDM Front Rear Bumper Cover Lip Kit Side Skirt Fog Yellow" Civic Sedan 2012 12 FB JDM Front Rear Bumper Cover Lip Kit Side Skirt Fog Yellow | eBay
  20. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    I'm new to this site and thinking about buying a 2012 civic ex and was wonder g how people felt about their own ex models and what mods there are available for them..(ei: intake ,ecu ,etc
1-20 of 500 Results