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  1. For Sale Section
    NEW H&R Lowering Springs (Manufacturer's Part #: 51890) $200 Price Reduced to $170 - 2/25/20 Price Reduced to $140 - 3/16/20 Unwrapped from packaging to take a picture. Original box and documents/stickers all there. NEW Truhart Sport Struts Manufacturer's Part #: TH-H505) $200 Price Reduced...
  2. For Sale Section
    I'm trading in my civic and selling my Hasport 62a RMM (gen 1). I bought this off another forum member and never installed it. $90
  3. For Sale Section
    I'm trading in my civic.. and I'm selling the Blue Bat Overlays that I changed my mind to install. $40 for everything. I will not sell separate. Top left pair: Rear reflectors 20% Top middle strip (left of paper): Strip for 3rd brake light 20% Top right pair: Trunk lights with cutout for...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Saying hello from California. I just made a account just recently. I thought i should join because i just bought a 2013 honda civic si just last month. I think this site may help get ideas on what to do the car.
  5. Lighting
    Let me preface all this with I'm no electrician or electrical engineer. Just a guy with a volt meter and way too much time on my hands. With that said, here goes my first attempt at DIY. First thing I did, that will spar everyone else time, is buy both harnesses and do a pin for pin...
1-7 of 7 Results