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  1. Sassy's build thread!

    Build Section
    So my boyfriend got me the best Christmas present ever! A custom built short ram by Advanced Race Technology, powder coated red for my 2013 SI! I'm installing the short ram on her Saturday (thankfully the temp is going up to 50 for it)! I'm soooo excited as this is the very first mod I'll be...
  2. Completely De-Chromed 2013 Si!

    Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    De-chromed the back of my '13 Si! I'm really happy with the result! The plasti-dip matches the car's color very well. I'm debating to put a coat of glossifier on it or not. Anyways, I plan to do the front tomorrow where the fog lights are and the grill black tomorrow. I'm going to put...