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  2. Is buying an si with the first gear clutch noise a good idea?

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I am looking into getting my first civic si and the one I am looking at makes this weird noise when in first gear. A friend of mine told me not to worry about, but I just wanted to check here to make sure it is not a deal breaker. I found this youtube video with the same issue. Looking...
  3. Replacing head gasket, can't find engine information (2013 Civic EX Sedan 1.8)

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    Backstory: Engine overheated and died as I was pulling over from an unsecured radiator hose blowing off. After reconnecting and more coolant, the engine would turn alright, but no ignition. The dipstick melted (plastic, really?), ignition coils 2 and 3 had melted and fused with the sparkplug as...
  4. 93 octane in 2013 Civic Si

    General Maintenance
    Hey guys! First post and of course, I'm going to revive a dead horse. I am a new owner of a 2013 Honda Civic Si. I've driven a 2003 EX and 2005 LX in manual for most of my life, so of course, I'm basically re-learning this car in a new trim. Done tons of research and although a lot of people...
  5. Help with HID Headlights for '13 Civic LX

    Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    So I want to change my headlight colors from the stock OEM yellow to 6000k HID's. However, there are low beams and high beams and I can't tell the difference. I want the lights I use for when I go driving at night to be white. I know I need the HID conversion KIT as well and was wondering if...
  6. DC Sport Short Ram Intake

    Intakes and Spacers
    Ok guys question, a friend of mine recently gave me their DC sport short ram intake from their 2012/2013 Si. I have a 2014 Si. Are the connections different from their year to mine? There are 2 extra connections that have nowhere to go on my car after it is connected. Is that normal or does this...
  7. 13' FG4 Lip/Diffuser

    I finally have enough money to afford upgrading my car and I was trying to plan out my purchases. Are there any good sites or places that I should be looking for the front lip/rear diffuser, and should I get side lips? I don't want to make the car community cringe but at the same time gotta keep...
  8. 12/13 Si seats in Si 14/15

    Interior mods
    Has anyone done this swap? Any issues with the SRS system or fitment issues? I have someone willing to swap me a full set of 2012 Si seats because I am not a fan of the 14/15 seat color combo. TIA
  9. 2013 SI Spoiler on the 2013 LX Sedan?

    Hey guys, Just wanted to know if any of you can clarify that the SI Spoiler on the 2013, would fit on a 2013 LX sedan? Thank you very much!!
  10. Organum's project

    Build Section
    I am a little in debt so I won't be doing this build fast. But there where a few things that I have in mind right off and will just post them here. Car is a 2013 Civic Si 4D, 19,500 ish on it. I am straying away from the power adding mods for right now. Reason for that is parts are a little more...
  11. Any aftermarket red calipers? 2013 Si

    Suspension & Brakes
    Hi everyone, I'm ready to start upgrading the appearance of my Si, and I want to buy red aftermarket calipers (or find a way to paint my oem one's professionally). My question is, how can I get that professional red paint look if I were to get them painted? I tried asking around to see if...
  12. 2013 Si Exhaust Cut-out

    Exhausts and Downpipes
    Hey guys, I want to have an exhaust cut-out installed on my '13 Si. I want to do a manual one instead of electronic --- don't want to have to worry about failures.. plus it is $30 versus $200 so.. Question though.. what is the stock piping size? 2.25" or 2.5"? I want to put it on...
  13. Erkons 2013 FB6 - First 1/4 Mile Pass

    Autocross & Sanctioned Drag Racing
    So I had the chance to get my car out on the track today! First time either of us has been on a drag strip. I burned some rubber and had some fun. My first pass of the day was 13.594 which seemed way to quick and after getting back to the line they told me it was incorrect. They recalibrated...

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone I'm from Seattle WA and my 2013 honda si is my first car and I'm hella excited to put some mod on this beauty. Recently I lowered my car with H&R springs and pretty damn satisfied with the drop! Can you guys suggest any mod that will make this car look even more bad ass ? Heres...
  15. 2013 CIVIC LX Fog Lights DIY Ebay

    Exterior Styling
    So I recently purchase a new fog lights on ebay and I was looking for this product for a long time since the factory ones are actually $350 and i found a store that would actully sell you the aftermarket ones in my opinion they look great and also for a third of the price its like $115 or...
  16. Slight engine vibration at 2500 rpms?

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hi everybody, I have had my 2013 civic si sedan for just about 9 months now. It has about 17,000 miles on it. Just recently lowered it on skunk 2 lowering springs, I just recently noticed that when I rev up to exactly 2500 rpms I feel the car shake, I think it is coming from the engine. When I...
  17. Yet Another 'What To Do' Thread! (audio)

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Ok, I'm really overwhelmed with a lot of information I've been reading on putting an amp & possible new speakers in my 2013 Civic EX, while keeping the factory head unit. I'm not interested in a sub. I've searched high & low, trust me. I've read too much & I think my brain exploded in my...
  18. Bluetooth Profiles questions

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    I have a 2013 Civic SI and love the bluetooth capabilities on it. However I am stumped by this:. I pair my iphone 5S to bluetooth and im able to use it just fine. I then decide to pair my Ipod Nano(current generation) with the bluetooth. When I change the source to BTA to listen to my Nano via...
  19. New Member

    New Member Introductions
    What's up everyone. I've been a proud owner of a black 2013 Civic SI for several months now and reecently decided to log on for once. I use the forums all the time, I'm just on my cell phone and never thought to log on. Any way, happy to be here, and even happier to be an owner of my 9th gen...
  20. 2013 Civic Replacement Front Passenger Side Fender

    Whats up 9GC, Someone recently cut me off on the FDR drive and bubbled my front right fender, Its not bad but looking at it annoys the hell out of me. I was wondering without going through insurance so my rates stay low (currently 150$ for full coverage) where I could have my fender fixed or...