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  1. Pictures and Images
    I have two primed 2014 civic for sale. $60 each
  2. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hello 9th gen Civic family . Had my 2014 Honda civic LX for 4 yrs now. Finally giving her a well deserved makeover . Today I took out the stock exhaust and installed a Borla axle back exhaust. Didn't have enough $ to get a cat back so I got this one .NICE so far but was wondering , if I could...
  3. Suspension
    I've got a problem I have a 12 civic si sedan and I bought some bcs off a buddy but didn't realize that the steering knuckles were changed from 13 to 14 and he had a 14 so when I mounted them the front had way to much positive camber so i pulled them off and am planning on just swapping my...
  4. Drivetrain Problems
    Hey everyone, I have posted a video demonstrating a metal "clonk" sound that occurs in the front part of my car, after shutting it off. This has happened since the day I purchased it new. At times, it also happens while I am driving at low speeds or while stopped at a light. The sound occurs at...