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    Now I'm sure you guys have had your share of pictures comparing the two, but I don't think you guys have seen it using the same camera. People have different settings on their camera which may make one or the other more yellow making the comparison inaccurate. I'm here to finalize your decisions...
  2. Exterior
    What colour will 3000k fogs be? Just wondering cause I have fake "3000k fogs" but I ordered real HID fogs to see if there's a difference but impatient so wanna know what colour they are
  3. Exterior
    So i just ordered my HID's from ddm tuning. I got the slim ballast and got 5000k for low beams and 3000k (obviously) for the fogs. one day i will actually do a real retrofit but for now this will suffice. I'll post pics when i get them installed.:eusa_dance:
  4. Exterior
    My question is are my lowbeams and fog lights 35w or 55w? Dont want to melt some wires! Will post pics once arrived!
  5. Exterior
    Hey guys/gals Took this pics just now showing how the lights look! Took them using my iphone. I know alot of people were askig how they looked with hid fogs! Well here they are! Enjoy!