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  1. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Just passing along a message: AlienPrime wishes 9thGenCivic.com a happy third birthday.
  2. Exhausts and Downpipes
    Here you go guys enjoy...
  3. Video Room
    I really need a gopro or something because these videos suck on my phone, so sorry about the quality but you will get the point.
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi, just bought my 3rd Si. Well, actually I had 2 VTis before, not Si. But its the same thing, just hatchback. Possibly the first 9th gen civic member from Peru!! I bought my first Si (VTi) in 1998... Taffeta White... beautiful. Kept it NA, a screamer!!! Sold it in 2000. Then his brother came...
  5. New Member Introductions
    New to 9th gen just wanted to say what's good.
  6. Coupe
    Hey what's up peep's. Just tinted the rear tails and 3rd brake light today (spray). Left the white white and just did the red. It came out better then I thought it was going to come out. I tinted my brother in-laws but his were older and didn't come out the best. Hides the red faded lens tho. It...
  7. Gatherings and Meets
    www.4udrew.org Please Join us for our third annual 4UDREW Car Show & Festival to benefit local soup kitchens and scholarship fund. Enjoy a Sunday afternoon with family and friends at the Doylestown Central Park while viewing a variety of unique cars, bikes and trucks. Raffles, trophies, door...
  8. Canada
    hey guys just wondering if anyone else is going to the CSCS season opener on the 3rd its an awesome day if youve never been loads of cars!! there is show n shine, autocross, time attack and drags its great!! hopefully there is some 9th gen love there!!
  9. Drivetrain Problems
    I am a new 2012 Si owner, and I am not new to manual transmissions. The only drawback could be that I learned on an Audi S4. The car has 700 miles on it. I have seen 2 persistent mentionings; Rev Hang and 3rd Grinding. Rev Hang: I have seen so many definitions of why this happens and what it...
  10. Canada
    Links to Past Poker Runs: 2010 2011 You may need to scroll through the pages to find the pictures but pictures are there !!! Hope to see you there !!!
  11. New Member Introductions
    Greetings everyone! I scoped the site for months (I searched for a good forum site once I knew I was getting another civic) and just last week I took the plunge. As the title implies, this will in fact, be my Third Honda Civic. It's been a while since I owned one, but each one that I've owned...
  12. Exterior
    I noticed while driving in the dark when I press on my brake I get an annoying glare from the 3rd brake light. My other car has a seal between the 3rd brake light and the glass. Also without this seal the glass appears very hard to clean. Is my seal missing or are all of our cars like...
  13. Interior
    Is it possible to plug in a higher wattage bulb into the 3rd stop light on the rear deck? This to accommodate tinted windows that are reducing the visibility of the 3rd light?
  14. Drivetrain Problems
    Strange Tranny or cluth noise. Hey i got a 2012 Civic LX manual sedan. I have noticed that when im changing gears i hear a light thud or pop. it usually happens when i put the cluch in, and then when i change gears i hear the transitioning of the gears. Usually only happens in the first 2-3...
1-14 of 16 Results