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  1. Sedan
    Hi, have to change (remove and change with exact one) the top grille the blackened SI: #3 from this diagram url: Honda Automotive Parts how do I proceed to do it? do I need to remove the entire bumper? no right? PS: I already/and this is for this SI I am not upgrading.
  2. California
    I just got my car some hours ago i was excited of going to pick it up when i was driving you could really feel the torque :Banane08: Im still waiting on my window visors, mud flaps Ooh yeah I almost forgot I still need to get some tint on the windows
  3. Interior Problems
    ive been having a strange issue with my side passenger airbag, not to be confused with the passenger side airbag. when i have someone sitting in the passenger seat, i get random alerts that the side passenger airbag is off? has anyone encountered this problem?
  4. Honda & Civic News
    Europe will be getting a hatchback version of the 2012 9th generation civic which apparently will come before the delayed American model. North America won't be getting a hatchback model but it will be good idea to include with the rest of the civic line up. Do you want the hatchback model in...
1-4 of 4 Results