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  1. HID Retrofit (DIY How To)

    Attention all 9thgencivic members. I'm going to be doing an HID retrofit how to DIY very soon, keep checking back at this page. I will be retrofitting a 2012 Civic Si very soon, so keep checking back.
  2. Ddm tuning hid help

    I have done a lot of research on different HID kits for my 2012 ex coupe CBP and I am leaning towards the DDM tuning 5000k, highs, lows and fogs. They seem to have very good reviews and they are reasonably priced with a lifetime warranty.. will somebody tell me if the 5000k DDM kit looks good...
  3. just orderd my HID'S!!!

    So i just ordered my HID's from ddm tuning. I got the slim ballast and got 5000k for low beams and 3000k (obviously) for the fogs. one day i will actually do a real retrofit but for now this will suffice. I'll post pics when i get them installed.:eusa_dance: