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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone ,Today i pulled the trigger after much searching and haggling over color ,availability and price. i chose to trade in my 2007 RR Civic EX coupe for a 2012 RR Civic SI coupe. it was a trying experience to say the least. i got $1000 off list which was not bad but then all they had was...
  2. North-East
    So yesterday night on my way home from the gym I spotted an 8th Gen Si Coupe black. This was on Rt 11 in Syracuse NY. I had my windows down since it was nice out and the 8th gen was in the opposing lane of traffic. He saw me and was literally gawking at my Si, so I threw up a peace sign to let...
  3. Suspension & Brakes
    I just spoke to a person at project JDM and they told me that the 8th gen skunk2 springs fit on the new 9th gen civic si. Can anyone comment on what they have tried or if this is even true?
  4. New Member Introductions
    wuts up everyone! here we are movin forward but for some its not for the better. thats ok! im not here to bash or cast my vote. im here to say hi to the community and share with you where i came from. my first honda was an 07 fa5 si sedan i got in july 09. i loved the car. came clean certified...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hello! I currently own a 2007 Fiji Si coupe with nearly 94,000 miles and have come from the 8th Gen forums. This car has been the best car I've ever owned. I've had more fun and virtually no issues and still look forward to my daily commute just to drive my car. I recently test drove a 2012...
  6. Si Only
    Well question is, does it fit? I was wondering I'd they use the same style shifter set up as last year. I don't see why they wouldn't. Can anyone like corspor have a answer to this? Or anyone from Honda see if their shifter and console is the part number as the 8th gen
  7. New Member Introductions
    I had a 2008 Civic EXL Coupe, got destroyed after an accident, and after the body shop blew my car up with a welding accident. I got a 12 SI ASM 4 DOOR Love it!
  8. Suspension & Brakes
    Did some research, apparently theres a few claims that there is a rear camber kit available for the 2012 SI? Such as 2012 Honda Civic Camber Kit Just wondering if there is any info on this? I haven't found anything else, and I do plan on dropping my car sooner or later, stock height is not for me
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! To share a little, my previous car was a 2009 Honda Civic Sedan DX. I only had it for about a year and half before it save my life.. I was driving north on the 605 in the car pool lane and went over a patch of water and she hydroplaned and spun accross the freeway then rolled...
  10. Interior mods
    Best Sun Shade for Sedan Looking for an inside windshield sun shade (I know it's December, but in Arizona the sun a year round bonus). Have had great luck with the Covercraft folding car sun shade in other vehicles, but see the civic specific is two piece - not sure I like the idea of having...
  11. Sedan
    So im pretty new about cars and stuff but judging from the looks of it it looks like the old civic side skirts and front lip would be about the same if you had the ones without the foglight housing for the front, but i honestly don't know. So if there's anyone that did measurements or knows for...
  12. Wheels and Tires
    Picked up my '12 LX Sedan last night, and already itching to replace the steelies, but would like to keep it OEM...anyone know if the 16" from the 8th gen EX would fit? Either the 06-08 EX or 09-11 EX rims would be fine if I could find a set at decent price. Thanks.
  13. Pictures and Images
    hopefully i can win rotm once more mods start coming. enjoy the pictures.
  14. New Member Introductions
    hey 9thgencivic! im a long time honda fan, all the cars i have ever owned were hondas.2/3 being si's. i recently just ordered my 9th gen. but the dealer cant seem to find me a white sedan. they told me the wait time was 2 months...they can get me a black one but not really trying to own another...
  15. Wheels and Tires
    Will the 8th Gen Civic Si wheels fit my 2012 Civic LX? Can anybody suggest what wheels fit to LX and also what all I need interms of disk brakes etc in the front and rear?
  16. Wheels and Tires
    Just thought I'd share. Bought a set thinking No problem! 7x17J with 45mm offset.. shit thats the same size and offset as stock. Turns out the 9th Gen Si's are 7.5x17J with a 45mm offset. That half inch means the 8th gen Si rims do NOT clear your calipers. Thanks for your time.
  17. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    I was cruising to work on the highway this morning behind an 8th gen black SI coupe (I have it in 4-dr), when all of a sudden this Corolla comes up from behind almost sideswiping us. Little did I soon realize...it was the 9th gen civic SI in some ugly army green color. I have to say Honda, I...
  18. Autocross & Sanctioned Drag Racing
    Just wondering what people are running on the tracks on the 8th and 9th gen.
  19. Suspension & Brakes
    SOO earlier this week i got in contact with tein to see if there was any development on some lowering springs and such for my si sedan ...and turns out they offered to measure and perform tests on my car...they told me it would take a cpl months sooo be on the lookout ill keep you guys posted
41-59 of 94 Results