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  1. My New 12’ SI ?

    My New 12’ SI ?

  2. Kplayground
    Kplayground ~ Carbon Fibre Shift Knob available in Red or Black Strip!! Very limited stock!! $85 + Shipping!! Pm or Email [email protected] for detail!
  3. Kplayground
    Pick up the colorful H Emblems today to match your rims and lug nuts! Available RED/BLUE/BLACK and YELLOW!! Our Front and Rear Emblems on Performance Auto & Sound Magazine 2013 Honda Civic SI sedan tuned by Honda project!
  4. Kplayground
    H&R Spring for 9thgen Civic Sport Spring (SI Coupe) no fill date available F1.5 R1.3 PN 51891 Sport Spring (NON-SI Coupe) R&D F1.6 R1.4 PN 51891-2 Sport Spring (SI Sedan) R&D F1.5 R1.3 PN 51890 Sport Spring (NON-SI Sedan) R&D F1.6 R1.4 PN 51890-2 PM or email...
  5. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Kplayground Christmas Gift Set ~ JDM Style Emblems (front/rear and steering wheel) $98 shipped to 48 States!! PM or email [email protected] to order! Limited time offer ONLY!!
  6. Kplayground
    JDM side markers!! Comes with amber light bulbs
  7. Kplayground
    NEW PRODUCT for all Track Fans ~ RacerMount NOW available at Kplayground!! YOUR perfect Christmas Gift!! RacerMount is an in-car camera mount that conveniently allows you to record yourself driving at the track using your own digital camera. RacerMount attaches to the headrest of your seat...
  8. Video Room
    RacerMount in Honda ATR 9thgen Civic SI [email protected] track day!! RacerMount available at Kplayground now NEW PRODUCT for all Track Fans ~ [email protected] Kplayground!! | Facebook