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  1. Exterior Problems
    Hey Guys. A contractor who clears the parking lot at my work decided he wasn't going to look before backing up and backed right into my car. I've brought the car to two different shops for estimates and the owner of the contracted company has agreed to pay for repairs. Both shops have indicated...
  2. Video Room
    On March 9th, I ran over a large piece of concrete at night in a construction zone. I damaged my oil pan, catalytic converter and exhaust and was curbed until March 12th. The damage from the rock cost a total of $1,318.78. This total includes towing the car home, cost of a new oil pan + liquid...
  3. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    I'm so upset right now I'll try to type as much as I can. Basically I got in an accident and they replaced the whole front of my car and it's all fixed except it will not start right, idles wrong at stop lights and in park, and even died while in park. Brand new battery, brand new lots of...
  4. Coupe
    Let me start this off by saying that no one was hurt and this wasn't my fault. But basically I was going down a two lane road straight through a green light until some one (who allegedly didn't see me) decided to make a left on green, hit my diver's door and send me into a pole. How bad does my...
  5. Sedan
    crashed my car 2 weeks when i had in march of early this year. Then six months after in September, I was driving back from the strip club someone fired 6 rounds at me, 2 bullet hit the front bumper and one stuck on the front frame support. 1 bullet hit the door as shown down here...
  6. Sedan
    After researching this class of car and test driving several, we ended up with a 2012 Civic EX. This is our first Honda. We drove the Focus (nice enough, "peppier" engine, but didn't like the dash- your eyes focused on the trip odometer computer and not the important stuff like how fast you...
  7. New Member Introductions
    New Si owner just waiting for delivery to Germany! I will be getting the Crystal Black Pearl coupe delivered to the port on 15 Aug and will be driving up with my buddy in an 8th Gen to pick it up! Can't wait!!!:woowoo:
  8. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hey guys. Considering the civic Lx Sedan. Question is, have read a lot of complaints about the 8th gen have thin sheet metal and denting easily. Did the thickness of the new gen change at all? Thanks.
1-8 of 11 Results