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  1. Coupe
    Ok i was up at the dealership the other day and was kind of flipping through the brochures and noticed the aero kit for the SI. I ended up calling up there and asking how much it would run me and they said 1500. My question for you is i have had my 12 Civic SI for a week now and was wondering if...
  2. Sedan
    My local service advisor told me that he thinks this is available now. Its around 1900 CDN and recently listed on his system. He gave me a part number for TW: CIV094SINH578. At least thats the number he wrote down for me. Can't find any other references to this existing yet.. He assured me...
  3. Sedan
    i couldn't find any info regarding the aero kit for si sedan but when i ordered my si sedan last week at the dealer, they said that there's an aero kit for the sedan ..the price is $1400. so i added that option. yes ? no?
  4. Coupe
    Hey guys, I just purchased my brand new 2012 Civic Si and loving it! :) The only thing is that the Aero Kit that I ordered with it won't be here for another few weeks as it's on back order, so I have to go back to the dealer to get it installed. Any of you guys experience that with your Aero...
  5. Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    I've been constantly asking my dealer this but they can't seem to give me an answer for some reason...when i get my full aero kit installed sometime this week (supposed to come in tomorrow or thursday), do they replace the i-Vtec symbol on the lower part of the car when they put the side lips...
  6. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Pre-edit by DWils: this thread is for all roof rack-related inquiries. "Will it fit?", "What brand of roof rack should I buy?" "What brand of roof rack do you have?", and "I'm looking for a roof rack for my snowboard/bicycle(s)/mother-in-law/kilo of heroin/etc" all go here. Original post by...
1-6 of 14 Results