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  1. Wheel Protection

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    So my wheels have locking nuts on it, but I'm still worried someone could just get a tool and still steal my wheels. Can I put a tilt sensor on my stock alarm. 2012 is coupe. If you guys have recommendations feel free to let me know, or if you know any forums that have gone through this.
  2. Have anyone installed an after market alarm system on their car?

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    Just wondering if any have already installed an aftermarket alarm system on their 2012+ 9th gen civic. I'm currently interested in installing a Viper alarm system...any thoughs? thanks.
  3. alarm keeps going off and key doesnt beep

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    Hey guys, quick question... Has your civic's alarm ever gone off randomly? or the key locks but doesnt beep? I am having this issues where randomly, my alarm would go off.. I mean no cars next to me, random places around town, just randomly.... Also, whenever I lock my car, the car will beep...
  4. Viper alarm system

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    I but too late into the winter season but I am trying to install remote start on my car because these Chicago weather is horrible... One day 50 degrees the next day 9degrees. Since I couldn't get factory remote start since its a 2012 civic Si (I heard factory remote start sucks anyways), what...
  5. Getting auto-start / alarm on my Si from Honda dealership. Do they normally do this??

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    So, I am getting an alarm put on the Si from the dealership as a gift today for $425 installed, was told it would be $620 with auto-start "didn't know they would do that on a manual." I figured it was probably a mistake and said no thanks just the alarm. I go up there today and the lady says hi...
  6. How to turn off the honks on the KARR Honda Alarm?

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    Hey, I got the Karr alarm from my dealership and the horns are really annoying. Ok so when I unlock my car is 2 or 3 honks. When I turn off my car its 2 or 3 honks and when I lock my car its the regular horn from the default honda security AND 2 or 3 honks from the Karr system! My neighbors...
  7. 2012 civic si car alarm problem?

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    So just this morning I got in my car and turned my ignition I got 3 beeps and its been going on ever since. It gives me 3 beeps like a chirp when I turn the ignition to the II position. Drives fine but every time I get in the car to turn it on it gives me that chirp. Has anyone ever encountered...
  8. Honda Factory Alarm Upgrade System

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    I found this one yesterday and called them this afternoon. They said they will ship the upgrade system to me but i need to find a shop to install it. They charge $150 with shipping. Going to order next week... :) Movin' On Sounds | Long Island, New York | Security Systems | Car Alarms
  9. Red (light) Alarm Indicator

    Hopefully this is the right section. Okay, this weekend I had an alarm installed on my Civic, it was an addition to the factory keyless entry, so no extra bulky remote (yes!!)..just the factory one....it's sweet! Anyways, the light (indicator) it came with is blue, I want(ed) red but the guy...
  10. can you deactivate the horn from sounding with alarm

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    im trying to deactivate the horn from sounding when i arm my alarm on my civic lx coupe. is there a way to do this on the new civics?
  11. Alarm installer in Houston

    If this is the wrong place for this forgive me... I have a 2012 EX-L and would like to have an aftermarket alarm / remote start installed. I live in Houston and after a few hours of googling/calling was unable to find a place I felt comfortable taking it. The install prices varied wildly and I...
  12. Help with paid honda alarm please

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    I have the honda alarm that you pay for on my si. I dont know if anyone else noticed but when you unlock the alarm it beeps twice quick and when you lock it it beeps once. If you have your headlights on auto, when you lock the alarm and it beeps twice, your headlights will turn off after a few...
  13. Please Help Stock Alarm Question

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    Hi, I'm normally on the 8th civic but my sister recently just purchase a 9th gen. My concern is with the stock alarm that she purchased with the car. I know the 8th gen stock alarm makes a double beep sound when the car is armed/unarmed but my sister 9th gen doesn't make any beep sound when...
  14. Alarm when opening the trunk?

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    Does anyone have problems with the alarm system triggering when opening their trunk with the remote. I haven't found how to exactly reproduce it, but sometimes, when I go to put something in the trunk, I pop the lid with the key button, and the alarm kicks in. It does not always happen, but...
  15. Alarm recommendations?

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    Hey guys, Since I've had two cars broken into in the last couple weeks I want to invest in an alarm system. Anyone have any experience with these two or have any input on other systems? http://www.ralphs.ca/products.php?product=Omega-CG%252d830i7--{47}--Vehicle-Security-%26-Remote-Start-System...
  16. Alarm System..2 way..Which one? for 9th GEN Si

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    Hey guys so its been years since ive had an alarm in one of my cars but being how the si gets a lot of attention i might need one.. What is a good alarm these days and what are good add on options to make a it a better system.. Any info would be appreciate it..And if anyone knows a awesome...
  17. Problems with factory alarm.

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    I just got my new 2012 civic and got the factory alarm so that I would not void the warranty and it goes off if I press the unlock button twice the alarm goes off, if I push the lock button one too many times it goes off, if I press unlock once, then open the door it goes off. What gives?