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  1. Audio Integration

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    Sorry if this is being repeated, I looked all through these forums and couldn't find a 100% answer. 2012 SI Sedan Factory Non-Nav head unit Aftermarket speakers and amp Factory amp The question at hand: Can I add an aftermarket amplifier AND keep the stock one? To elaborate, I don't want to...
  2. 2013 Civic Si Sedan without Navi "premium audio" need info

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    So I just bought this to ease the costs of getting 14mpg in my truck. I love the car. It's my first "sporty" car. I am HIGHLY disappointed with the audio specifically the sub. I had a hard time telling if the sub was on. I'm not a big bass head and don't want anything to rattle windshields and...
  3. Aftermarket Amplifier w/ Navigation head unit

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    I have a 2012 civic si w/ navi and I am going to upgrade some of the audio in the car. Before I started buying things, I wanted to get an idea of everything that I needed. I want to keep my stock navigation head unit because I don't want to loose any of the controls it comes with (steering...
  4. New Audio System for Civic 2012 Lx

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    Hey thank you for taking the time to view my thread. I am interested in buying a completely new audio system for my car. The speakers have to be 6.5 inches. I will be honest and say I don't know much about speakers but I can tel you I'm looking for something with good bass, can be loud and...
  5. Installing amp in Civic LX

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    I want to install an amp in my civic lx so I can put some subs in. I want to install my system myself so I'm reaching out on here to see if maybe someone can tell me how they installed their system, that way this can be an easy process for me and I can save some cash. I have an idea of what to...
  6. Show off your system/ and car electroncis

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    (2) 12" DCVR Kickers, Kicker 1000.1 DX mono amp 1000watt,(4) Polk audio speakers, stock head unit.
  7. Stealth amplifier mounting location ?

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    I have changed out my speakers in my LX Coupe for alpine components up front and Coaxials in the rear. I now have to really crank the system to get a decent volume and have lost bass response due to low power output of the factory head unit. I would like to retain the factory HU but add an...