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  1. Apparently you only know how to tune...

    ECU Tuning
    ... if you tune fast race cars, right? Well how about beautiful fast street cars? My personal Hondas. Civic: "eTuned" B18C integra: "eTuned" Local VitTuned Kraftwerks kit 8th gen CT-e Supercharged 8th gen I've tuned cars ALL OVER the world: Europe, Australia, remote island in...
  2. Camber Kits

    Suspension & Brakes
    Did some research, apparently theres a few claims that there is a rear camber kit available for the 2012 SI? Such as 2012 Honda Civic Camber Kit Just wondering if there is any info on this? I haven't found anything else, and I do plan on dropping my car sooner or later, stock height is not for me