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  1. Wanted Section
    My armrest is beat up (to be expected on a 10+year old car, does anyone know a good cover or have an OEM in good shape they’d sell? Lmk. Thanks
  2. Interior mods
    Long time, first time.. I bought my 12' Civic EX about a year ago, and the fabric on the door armrests and center console is looking not so great. I plan on getting seat covers soon but was wondering for the arm rests, any ideas? Does any one know what is under the fabric? If its black plastic I...
  3. Interior mods
    Recently Honda released the new 2013 Honda Civic, and I went to the website and found out the they have new i-Mid features plus they also added a sliding armrest. I don't know why they didn't have that on the 2012 models and i think that's stupid. I guess that more mods for my 2012 Si coupe. Do...
1-3 of 4 Results