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  1. Audio system/ with sub

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    So as of tonight I finished installing my aftermarket headunit with a sub wired to it. Learning by experience was very helpful, so, if you have questions on any part of it ask away!
  2. questions about tweeters

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    bought a entry level speakers set ( jl c1-650) ive already installed the actual speakers but now im wondering about the tweeters. what are your thoughts on keeping the stock tweeter (still is working and in original location) and install the new tweeter that came with the set in the door...
  3. RW10CA 10" 800 Watt Slim Low Profile Active Powered Subwoofer

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    First post here. In case anyone is interested, I just purchased a under seat subwoofer for my 2015 Honda Civic EX-L sedan. Fits like a glove! I will update the post once install begins.
  4. 2012 Civic LX USB Adapter Cable

    General Maintenance
    I have a USB cable that resides inside the center arm rest. Every time I plug my phone in, the phone screen claims it's charging, but continues to lose power. I mentioned it to a friend of mine who tested it with his smartphone and had the same results (i.e., the phone continued to discharge)...
  5. Audio Integration

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    Sorry if this is being repeated, I looked all through these forums and couldn't find a 100% answer. 2012 SI Sedan Factory Non-Nav head unit Aftermarket speakers and amp Factory amp The question at hand: Can I add an aftermarket amplifier AND keep the stock one? To elaborate, I don't want to...
  6. Premium Audio System Upgrade info...GREAT INFO!!!

    I found this on another forum (DIY Mobile Audio) and had to post here as I have yet to see something this detailed for audio upgrade info. The one thing I would suggest is avoid LOC as sound quality is poor and try to incorporate a line driver instead. This will definitely help and keeps install...
  7. Imid hdmi video malfunction

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    I am having an issue with my IMID Display when I connect my iPhone using the HDMI + Lightning + USB adapter connector. The issue is that only the Left Half of my display is on. The Right Half of my IMID Display remains entirely black when I have my iPhone connected. I've used 3 different...
  8. RCA Cable Length?

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    Hey forum dwellers, I'm a new member here though I've been surfing these forums for quite some time now. Seems to be a solid community with good information so I decided to join! Anyways, I have a question: How long should I buy my RCA cables? I'm gonna be placing the amp under the passenger's...
  9. Power to Headunit - No sound from speakers

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    Hello everyone, Im new to the forum and car audio. I have run into my first problem. I have a 2012 Lx Sedan with a 4 speaker system. I upgraded the stock speakers to Rockford Fosgate R165x3 6.5 speakers first, before recently upgrading the head unit to a Sony Mex-Gs610Bt. The HU has 5V preamp...
  10. DIY Question: Run power wire run help (2012 Civic EX Sedan)

    I looked at this link and saw how to do it on the coupe, but it's a bit different on the sedan so I was wondering where the best location was to run the power wire through. I've tried looking at possibilities where other wires were passed through but Honda make the space so tight and I don't...
  11. Car Audio

    Build Section
    Okay so recently I plugged my 12v battery wire into my amps ground, and the ground into the battery terminal on the amp. This cause my radio and accessory power outlet to go out, so I did check the fuse for the accessory, but that's fine not blown. What else could it be? The amp isn't fired or...
  12. What to do with my new ride?

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Disclaimer: I understand there are sub-forums to address some topics/questions here, but I figured it best to hash it all out in one general thread instead of dropping a bunch of threads in different places on you guys (and then having to monitor those threads myself). Hope that's ok with you...
  13. Head Unit and Speaker assistance

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    Hello, I am very new to the car audio world. I'm very glad I found this forum. Please forgive my lack of knowledge. I am having concerns regarding upgrading my sound system in my Honda Civic. I know it is nothing fancy, but I would like a nice sound system for my car. My Car: 2012 Honda...
  14. Aftermarket Bluetooth

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    Hey everyone, I know this is kind of an old topic but has anyone found a solution for having a aftermarket stereo and getting the phone button's to work? i.e. Pick up/hang up, these are the ones I really want to work. I know you need the adapter but any way of hooking the adapter up to make...
  15. 2012 honda civic si amp problems

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    I have the 2012 honda civic si now i have a kicker 1000 watt rms amp to a rockford t2 and a pioneer HU now ive been having problems my sub and amp are getting way to hot now my amp is drawing a 11volts and need more supplied to it so it works hard sending clipped signals to my sub inturn making...
  16. Audio shops in NKY/Cinci?

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    Hi all. Any recommendations for an install shop in NKY or Cincinnati? Thanks!
  17. Millionth thread on amp/sub w/ stock head unit

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    Hey all, I realize this has to be the millionth freaking thread on the subject, but I'm seeing mixed answers, and very little detailed information. I've got a 13 si sedan that I love, but hate the lack of bass. I actually took the car to the dealer and complained, they just said it works, deal...
  18. Which head unit is best?

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    Hey everyone, I have been away from the forum for quite awhile just with work and school it has been pretty crazy to deal with. But I'm going to try to be better! So This time being away has made me realize I want to put a little more money into my car. My first thing i'm wanting to upgrade is...
  19. 2013 LX Coupe - Aftermarket Audio

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    i recently purchased a 2013 Civic LX Coupe and though i love the factory head unit, i am quite a bit disappointed with the audio output. I am relatively new to aftermarket audio and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for front & rear speakers (including tweeters) that go great with the...
  20. Poor Audio Quality with Monster iCable

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    Hey guys. I just bought a Monster iCable after one of my friends was raving about the sound quality it provides. Well, after plugging it in the audio was/is TERRIBLE, sounds flat and I can hear what sounds like mic feedback with random crackles and pops. Anyone had this issue with their...