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  1. Build Section
    Hello all, I decided to undertake the task of boosting a 2013 Honda Civic EX R18 (Auto Non-CVT) daily driver. I drive ~80 miles daily and wanted to add a bit more power to this great engine. After speaking to their sales/engineer staff in regards to fitment to the 9th gen R18s, I'll be going...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Just bought a brand new 2013 Civic LX auto transmission! Love cars, and especially Civics! Excited to be part of the 9thgencivic family! Any cool and less costly modifications to add to a four door civic? Let me know, thanks!
  3. Gatherings and Meets
    This sounds like fun. Open to all makes and models. Crescent Cup
  4. Drivetrain Problems
    Are there any motor home owners out there that have towed their civics with automatic transmission 4 wheels down? I have about 4000 miles on mine by using the instructions in the crv owners manual. I know what the civic manual states!! my transmission fluid is still nice and clean. let me know.
  5. Mid-West
    If you’re a Honda fan and can find a way to Chicago on February 8, this is something you need to read. As part of the show’s “social media day,” automakers are allowed to invite up to 300 guests to come see the show ahead of its public opening on February 9. The passes are good all day and...
  6. Honda & Civic News
    The capital of the Midwest, Chicago's annual auto show is touted to be the best attended and debuts are usually catered to the mass market audience. Known for reveals of trucks and practical people moovers, rumored debuts for this year's show include a new Jeep model, the 2014 Toyota Tundra and...
  7. Gatherings and Meets
    Hey, me and some of my car club are going to the Chicago Auto Show Feb 9th. We'll be there when the doors open. I do have a question though, how are the roads in and around where the show is? Now that my car is lowered im paranoid about roads. I remember a couple years back where the...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone! I purchased a new 2013 Civic Sedan on December 26 last year! I am also part of the Maxima.org community as Celired. I've been loving the car, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I originally wanted a stick, but I needed a new car and all they had was Auto at the dealership I went...
  9. Pictures and Images
    Hello everyone. I grabbed a few photos of the 2013 SI in RR at an auto show today and thought I'd share. I hadn't seen a 2013 SI on the dealer lot yet, so this was the first in person look I'd had. It looks more like the 2012 than the original rendering shots did. I thought from the release...
  10. Honda & Civic News
    The big show is finally here, with new vehicles and concepts being revealed. While Chevrolet will likely put its stamp on the show with the anticipated reveal of the 2014 Corvette, there are still plenty of other great cars to look forward to. Among them are the BMW 4 Series, the 2014 Lexus IS...
  11. Exterior
    I have been intrigued by auto headlights ever since I first had my 2008 Civic. I have always thought it would be a nice feature to have. I am again intrigued now that the Ex-l in new 9thgen Civic has that capability. Recently when I was looking at the wiring diagrams for our Civic's audio and...
  12. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    Dynoed the car at Churchs auto tuning with the new flashpro... The RRC manifold did it, very impressed with the numbers. Baseline with RRC manifold, header 2.5 intake and torco race oil... 201.2 whp 171.9 torque Tuned 234.2 @ 7251 185.8 torque @ 3928 Very impressed and thought this would help...
  13. Drivetrain Problems
    Do you guys think it's possible?
  14. Honda & Civic News
    The LA Auto Show continues to grow as a major event on the automotive calendar and this year is now different with 40 new models and now less than 20 world premieres set to debut. Confirmed reveals include the VW Beetle Convertible, Subaru Forester, Ford Fiesta ST (seen above) and Acura RLX...
  15. Audio/Video/Navi
    Auto Day/Night Mirror w/Compass 2012 Civic 2dr http://www.collegehillshonda.com/instructions/civic/2012/4dr/daynightmirror.pdf
  16. Audio/Video & Navigation
    how do i set my head units brightness level to automatically adjust depending on whether or not my headlights are on? i have my headlights just set to auto, rightnow theyre always in daytime mode but i want it to be like what you see around the 4:30 mark on this vid
  17. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone my name is ahmed and I work for a AutoZone so if anyone needs any parts or anything related to a car let me know! I'd be glad to help a fellow club member getting a discount ! Anything from mechanical parts to engine, suspension and body parts as well you can email me at...
1-17 of 60 Results