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    Letting you have your say, AutoGuide.com has tabulated the votes of its first ever Reader's Choice Car of the Year Awards with four winners in six categories and a major coup for Tesla and its new Model S electric luxury sedan. "Polling readers, as well as reaching out to the over 30 million...
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    Vote for AutoGuide.com's Reader's Choice Car of the Year for a Chance to WIN $1,000 in Gas. We need your votes! Have your say and take part in AutoGuide.com's Reader's Choice Car of the Year and choose your favorites in six different categories: Luxury Car, Crossover, Green Car, Sports Car...
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    Looking to Buy a 2012 Honda Civic? See all the details by trim level, build your own car, compare with other vehicles and even get a price quote in the updated AutoGuide.com New Cars Section. Click here to start your 2012 Honda Civic Coupe car shopping search or here to spec our your own 2012...
1-3 of 5 Results