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  1. Removing shift knob for 2013 Honda Civic Sedan LX (automatic)

    Interior mods
    Hey guys, I'm trying to change my original shift knob for an after market one and I just want to double check on how to properly remove it so I don't break anything. If anyone knows how or a previous thread explains it please help me!! I need pictures or a video. Sorry I'm visual Thanks!!
  2. 2nd A/T rebuild only 150k miles...please help!

    Drivetrain Problems
    Admins please move if not in correction thread. As title says, I'm facing my 2nd A/T rebuild at only 150k miles. I baby this car, all required maintenance and honda fluids and recommended times. At 90k miles my dealership had to rebuild it(luckily under warranty), but now 60k miles later I'm...
  3. Are they still making Manual transmission Honda Civic's?

    Someone just told me that 2015 was the last year they are making manual transmission civic's... Sad Is that true? I've got a 2012 with manual transmission and I love it. seems much faster than an automatic... any thoughts? thanks
  4. 2102 Auto Transmission dissengages on right turn

    Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls
    Hello All! I wasn't sure about this feeling and I was wondering if it was sand or ice before, but it seems to be getting worse. I check my fluids more than regular and the transmission fluid is not low. The problem occurs as I slow down for a turn, make a right turn then accelerate, or...
  5. Si shift boot possible on automatic?

    Interior mods
    Si shift boot possible on automatic?
  6. 2013 EX ac controller in 2012 Si?

    Interior Problems
    Anybody think it's possible to swap em out? I really love the idea of having automatic temperature controls on my car. I'm lazy like that :D.
  7. Genuine Honda Modulo Automatic Pedal Set

    Interior mods
    Just ordered this pedal set yesterday!!! Genuine Honda Modulo Automatic SI Pedal Set 2012 Civic LX EX Coupe Sedan 9th Gen | eBay
  8. Automatic Transmission Maintenance?

    Drivetrain Problems
    I have read the OM and the only thing I see there for the 5AT maintenance is to check the dipstick and that you might be warned by the Maintenance Minder codes to replace the ATF. I've not been under a 9th gen with a 5AT to see if there is a drain plug on the transaxle. If there is none, I'd...
  9. Are you guys Happy with Automatic Transmission on 9th gens?

    Drivetrain Problems
    First of all let me say, I love this car and I am happy with it, but sometimes I feel that Automatic transmission is not up to the mark or it is not refined enough. May be just to get some more mileage they have tweaked it. Before this I used to own Corolla and Elantra (both Auto with 1.8l...
  10. DIY - Automatic Passenger Window!

    automatic passenger side window? i drive a civic si coupe, and one thing i wish they had was the passenger side window to be automatic as well. is there any way to wire the window to do that?
  11. Happen to see this on a lambo forum... automatic window tint

    Interior mods
    http://www.eliteautotune.com/Howitworks.html That is freaking awesome if you live in a state that has tint laws you can pretty much control if you do or do not have tint enjoy the look and what not and still not risk a ticket or failing inspection! Pretty sure they don't do it for civics...
  12. is there si sports pedal for automatic ?

    Interior mods
    is it available at the dealer ?
  13. Shift Knob Removal (Automatic)

    Interior mods
    A friend of mine has a 9k Racing shift knob that he will be giving me and I was wondering if anyone has removed the shift knob on an auto? 9K-64 JDM Teal Bubble Shift Knob - Shift Knobs - Interior Looked at it yesterday and not sure how to go about it. Thanks
  14. Automatic shifter removal

    Interior mods
    Hey everyone....thanks in advance for any and all help. I'm looking to replace my automatic shifter with the after market momo shifter, but I do not know how to remove the OEM one. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again. Sent from my A100 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  15. Grinding/rubbing sound coming from (right?) when turning left.

    Interior Problems
    Hey all, I think I'm just a little paranoid here but today as I was making a pretty sharp left turn, I could hear a pretty major rubbing noise coming from what sounds like the front right of the car. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue? I was able to reproduce it a few times in a...
  16. chi automatic climate control

    College Hills Honda
    Honda | Saudi Arabia | CIVIC | Features : Interior If i get the the controls shipped here will this be just plug and play or will they other stuff need to be installed besides just the controls for it to work properly
  17. What are the 1, 2, and 3-D settings for?

    Drivetrain Problems
    How to safely use the D3 / 2/ 1 gears on automatic Hi guys, I just bought a 2012 civic sedan (automatic) which I'm very excited/proud of =) I've had this car for almost a week now. However today I was exiting a highway ramp and let off the accelerator but my rpm needle increased all the up to...
  18. Auto on/off headlights

    Auto light switch Ok so I seen the instructions on how to put fog lights. On there it shows them switching the light switch. Now on that light switch it has auto lights position. If I put them on does that give me that feature. Oh and by the way I have an lx. Just wondering.
  19. Best Engine Modifications for the Buck?

    heys guys and gals i just purchased a 2012 honda civic never had a honda before. if anyone could help me by letting me know where to look for performance parts and what are the best to buy. thanks for any help from anyone.
  20. Your current average miles per gallon

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    So i have to ask the question. what is the real MPG's you are seeing vs the posted numbers on your window sticker? also how many miles can you squeeze out of one tank? I have to ask as i was in my friends 08 coupe EX last night and she had 220 miles on that tank was still half full! is this typical?