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  1. For Sale Section
    AFE Takeda 49-36603 for sale. Was on my car for about a year and is in good condition. I have the box and installation instructions for it as well. Located in Central PA but also get out to Allentown area to meet up. Asking $200
  2. Exhausts and Downpipes
    Just curious but would the ktuned 2.5" axle-back or any axle-back simply bolt right up to Invidia 2.75" piping? Or would modification be needed, as the axle back was made for the OEM exhaust? Just genuinely curious, don't plan on replacing the N1, but i'd just like to know what my options are...
  3. Exhausts and Downpipes
    Hey everyone, I have a stock 2012 civic LX. I'm finally starting the process of upgrading the parts on my car and wanted to start with the exhaust system. I've been looking at Borla, Takeda, S2, Magnaflow, Greddy and Ultimate Racing but can't seem to decide on which would be the best one. I'm...
  4. Downpipes and Exhausts
    I cant seem to find an answer using the search button... I understand that the Axle back for the 8th gen is a direct bolt on fitment on our 9th gens...but how about the rest? My buddy is giving me his full cat back exhaust and i am wondering if it will fit on my 9th gen civic. Thanks!
  5. Downpipes and Exhausts
    The Product So I just got the D5 Concepts Exhaust that is labeled for the 2006-2010 Honda Civic 2DR/4DR and put it on my 2012 Civic Coupe LX. Overview Bolts up perfectly, the pipe is bent exactly like the stock exhaust. The only problem was the hangar. The rubber hangars spaces are too far...
  6. Downpipes and Exhausts
    Just put on my new axleback exhaust, let me know what you guys think it sounds like! just from a cold and a warm start-up. It was -2 out when I took the video Cold Startup Warm Startup Enjoy the birds!
  7. Downpipes and Exhausts
    brand NEW Price $71.00, Looks good sounds good. Installed it myself. tools wrench & dremal. No jack necessary just need motivation an love for your car.Other thalts chest has been hurting for a couple days now lol. (Mod's note: here is a DIY for an axleback install, regardless of brand. If it...
1-8 of 9 Results